Search – A New Paradigm is Needed

Why it is that when I mention searching to those in the traditional world of intranets, the discussion turns to documents or, at a stretch, multi-media?

My contention is that when you search for anything in the modern Digital Workplace, then as well as the published facts (a dry document or even a glossy video), you can get so much more if you can find other relevant knowledge, experience, interpretations or opinions.

Perhaps you are in sales and looking for your latest distributor agreement. Search should not only present that document, but also find any blogs others may have written on how they negotiated amendments to clauses. It should also return details of those with skills and experience in the field of re-seller agreements so that you can touch base with them for any further context or clarity needed. Just one example, but the same can be said of any area in organisations, large or small.

When it comes to experience and skills, search should be able to identify and return experts in their field. It should be a powerful and effective tool for identifying new project teams and other similar teams, perhaps in a different location.

Searching should bring together published knowledge, the collective experience in the organisation and individual people skills to make a real difference!

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