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The Modern Intranet

Everything you need in one place

A single source of truth that gives your people a personalised and intuitive experience.

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Beautiful homepages

Craft a completely customisable intranet to help your employees feel at home wherever and wherever they access their intranet. Unite your favourite workplace tools and build completely personalised areas to promote collaboration, engagement and interaction throughout your business.

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Two-way communication

Break away from traditional top down comms and empower your employees to be a part of the conversation. Gain a more comprehensive view of your business and gather real-time feedback to understand what makes your people tick. 

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Structured information

Make sure your employees get all the information they need, when they need it through one single source of truth. Help your people be productive, efficient and more aligned with your overarching  business objectives. Remove any potential for duplication for content and search and surface information in a way that works for your organisation. 

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Secure document storage

Keep your content safe, secure and easy to access. Dedicated extranet portals for third parties, designated areas to upload and access content from across the business, and integrations for a variety of third party applications. You can make sure your content is readily accessible to every employee helping them feel informed, aligned and engaged

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Demonstrate value

Measure the effectiveness of your modern intranet solution through our in-depth and best-in-class analytics. Collect and visualise engagement metrics to guide your content strategy and provide real actionable insights to key stakeholders throughout your business. This will allow you to understand the effectiveness and reach of each campaign. Don't just enjoy the benefits of your intranet, prove its value. 

Don't just take our word for it

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