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Local Authorities

Modernise Communication, Boost Engagement and Improve Wellbeing

To keep your vital services running smoothly, employees must be engaged, informed and feel like they’re valued. Oak Engage’s modern intranet brings employee engagement to the forefront, with a number of tools that enhance the employee experience. 

Your employee engagement app is an essential investment, reducing absenteeism and people turnover, whilst increasing productivity.

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Mobile connectivity, bringing comms into the future

With the large number of deskless workers in local authorities, it can be tricky to keep them all connected. 

Oak Engage's mobile app enhances communication across the organisation. Targeted push notifications through Adaptive Intelligence means information reaches the right people when they need it. 

You also control permissions for which devices and people can access the app, to keep everything secure.

Employee Wellbeing

Act on employee feedback with Pulse Surveys and Analytics

With Oak Engage, you can create an effective wellbeing strategy by including your employees in the process.  

Pulse Surveys give employees a voice on a range of subjects and provide insight into the employee experience. More importantly, you can measure employee feedback and action the data you collect through your analytics dashboard.

Tailored Updates

Engaging content for the individual

Employees in local authorities may check emails for updates and you can ensure these are relevant, engaging and informing through Oak Engage’s newsletter functionality. 

You can curate custom newsletters with targeted content for the individual.

Intranet Features For Local Authorities

Mobile App

Provide an immersive experience and give employees remote access to their company intranet. 


Social Intranet

Give your employees endless ways to communicate via integrated social features.


People Directory

Make it easy for your employees to extract important information about colleagues. 


Hubs & Communities

Create dedicated areas for your employees to come together and collaborate.


Content Management 

Allow your workforce to access content and complete tasks anywhere, anytime. 



Provide your employees with instant access to anything they need. 



"We gave them a multiple-page document, identifying different case studies and what we wanted to achieve. The Oak Engage team took the time to understand our expectations and provided solutions for all of our priorities."

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