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Financial Services

Invest in engagement

In a time of ongoing technological innovation, we understand the importance of having one secure platform for everything. 

Complete with intelligent content delivery and a mobile app to connect your frontline workers, Oak Engage delivers a personalised and engaging experience to all employees.

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"Oak Engage has transformed the way we communicate, delivering a single news feed which aligns with our ‘one bank’ strategy."

Alan Harris, Director of Internal Communications

Stay secure

Protect your data

Financial services are already one of the most heavily regulated industries. As the industry shifts to new technologies, so do the regulations.

Security and risk management have to be the main focus. That’s why Oak protects what matters the most.

All of your data and content is hosted with one of the most secure, stable and widely respected platforms in the world, Microsoft Azure.


Stay one step ahead

The ability to deliver a consistent level of service across all channels is becoming increasingly important. 

Your employees always need to stay one step ahead. That’s why we provide a solution to communicate crucial news quickly. 

From curated Newsletters complete with personalised content to Push Notifications and Mandatory Reads, your employees will never miss a beat.


Pave the way

Unifying your customer experience starts with the employee.  Pave the way for productivity by providing your workforce with an adaptive platform like Oak Engage. 

Easily accessible and full of integrations for your businesses’ favourite tools, employees have everything they need in one secure place.

Want to measure how employees are interacting with your intranet? Analyse with Oak Engage’s dedicated reporting functionality.

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Intranet Features For Financial Services

Mobile App

Provide an immersive experience and give employees remote access to their company intranet. 



Bring your intranet to life with unique and interactive homepages.


People Directory

Make it easy for your employees to extract important information about colleagues. 



Transform how you work with 3rd parties via our cloud based extranet software. 



Provide your employees with instant access to anything they need. 


Knowledge Base

Provide employees with information and support to get the most out of your people.


Looking for a more secure platform?

Learn how Oak Engage provides intelligent content delivery, your own dedicated mobile app to connect your frontline workers and security from one of the most secure and stable platforms.


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