Oak Training & Education

The foundations of your digital workplace success

It’s not just the mechanics.
It’s about User Engagement.

We learned, a very long time ago, that successful intranet projects focus as much on User Engagement as on the mechanics of putting it together.

With Oak training, we share over two decades’ worth of experience, of seeing how our clients have got this balance right, to ensure you learn how to create an intranet your people will want to use, not just have to use.

Learn the secrets to maximising collaboration

Because we’ve worked hard in making our intranet software simple and intuitive to set up, we can spend more time with you showing you how to really get your teams buzzing about the intranet and engaging and collaborating in ways you never imagined. Oak training includes lots of practical hands-on elements, where we’ll show you how. In fact, during the course, we’ll actually fully set up and populate an intranet with you!

Beyond the Academy

We also provide full online training and education facilities for our clients, including:

  • Video guides
  • Comprehensive training documents
  • Your own dedicated training environment
  • Step-by-step video tutorials and online assessments
  • Regular, free online training webinars

Along with our innovative multi-media Assistance facility built right into Oak, you’ll have everything you need to keep developing and refreshing your knowledge, support the training of your internal champions and ensure your continuing intranet success.

Finally, if you ever need a little more, our dedicated (and equally raved about) Oak Support Service is on hand to give you all the help you need.

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