Intranet software for QA & Compliance

In QA and Compliance, you ensure all company’s operations and employees adhere to internal and external rules, regulations and procedures. See how Oak can help you achieve your goals.

Mandatory reads

Easily manage compliances for policies and procedures to help your company comply with new data protection laws and industry-specific regulations. Set a mandatory read on every compliance release to ensure it gets to everyone as soon as they login. See who has agreed already and who needs a little nudge.

Clarify company values

Every company should have an onboarding homepage on their intranet. On Oak, ensure new hires get the lowdown on all policies and procedures from the get-go so they’re aligned with the company’s direction, goals and ethics.

Target specific audiences

Some content is meant for specific audiences only. Keep them updated and track compliance through Oak’s comprehensive permission settings. Set content visibility for either a single person, department, team or the entire office.

Oak Compliance Tools

You need the right apps to help you realise your QA goals.
Here’s how Oak can help you overcome any challenge thrown at you.
design iconUpdate Everyone
Designed for Ease Set a mandatory read for critical updates, policies and procedures. Keep track of who has read them and who needs a small reminder. Learn more ›
document management iconCompliance Q&A
Provide a forum where colleagues all over can ask specific questions and your team can answer about quality assurance, compliance, governance and more. Learn more ›
collaborate iconWorkflow Simplified
Collaborate Better Streamline and automate your QA workflow by quickly building forms and surveys through an easy drag and drop process. Save as templates and reuse them again. Learn more ›
imrpoved workflow iconAnalytics
Improved Workflow Get an overview of stats through Oak’s own analytics or your chosen integrated system. Learn more ›
mobile iconQA Service Desk
Access Anywhere Track, prioritise and solve QA tasks and issues. Provide excellent service to your colleagues across the organisation and keep track of projects. Learn more ›
search iconSecurity
Smart Search Be confident company data is secure through permission-based settings where all content is backed-up and kept safe behind SSL encryption. Learn more ›

“‘What has impressed me most is Oak’s excellence in building impactful client relationships. I don’t think you could ask for more from a supplier.”

Sharon Johnson, Global Head of Communications at CPP Group

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