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Enterprise Social Network

Whether deskless, hybrid or otherwise, your people need a way to receive the information that matters the most to them. With Oak Engage, your employees have the power to customise communications to suit their needs.

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Connect Your Workforce

Bring your people together through immersive messaging and custom communications. 

Topics of Interest

Employees can follow topics and opt in or out of communications so that they only ever receive content that is relevant to them and their individual interests.

Immersive Engagement

Your people can engage and interact with content, helping to promote an inclusive workplace culture whilst empowering employee voice.

Tailored Summary

Receive personalised roundups of relevant updates, news and communications that may get missed and help make sure that your people never miss a beat, wherever they are.

Transform the way you work

Oak helps organisations solve challenges in connecting ALL workers with a digital solution. Ensure office, remote and deskless workers have access to the information anywhere, when they need it.

A Platform for Everyone

No employee should be kept in the dark. Oak’s platform helps you to engage with all workers, wherever and whenever they may be working.

Connect workers with social features

Connect your employees in the modern way with Oaks social intranet features. Your employees can like, comment, upload media and more! An intuitive way to connect employees with each other and the business.

Connect on any device, anytime, anywhere

Our responsive mobile app means you can connect with everyone. Deskless workers and those on the go can receive instant updates, communicate and engage with content.

Create a sense of belonging with hubs

With community hubs you can help bring people together in a virtual setting.  Digital communities provide spaces for collaboration and to talk about

Get people talking with staff directory

Connect with whoever you need to through the staff directory. Message them on your intranet in just a few clicks. Workplace communication has never been easier.

Core Features For Connecting People

Get everyone in the business engaged and connected with a modern intranet.

Mobile App mobile icon

Provide an immersive experience and give employees remote access to their company intranet. 

Social Intranet social icon

Give your employees endless ways to communicate via integrated social features.

People Directory people icon

Make it easy for your employees to extract important information about colleagues. 

Hubs & Communities hubs icon

Create dedicated areas for your employees to come together and collaborate.

Company Branding branding icon

Make your intranet your own. Apply custom branding for a unique employee experience.

Pulse Surveys & Polls surveys icon

Create and launch a poll or survey with ease for better engagement rates within your company. 

See what our customers have to say about us

Five Guys crew member working in one of their restaurants

“Without Oak & Chatty Patty, I don't know how we would've engaged with our people, I don't know how we would've reopened our stores and I don't know how we'd have retained all those staff members. For us, this has been a huge success in terms of engagement & communication and continues to be.”
Image of customer review

Bastian Bauermeister
Communications Manager, Five Guys

Provident Financial Group Logo
"The main reason we selected Oak Engage were their people. All the fancy systems in the world can’t work without a collaborative and intuitive partner."

Minda Galvin, Group Head of Content and Creative

Halfords Autocentre logo
“The best thing about Oak is how intuitive it is. Within a few hours the team was up to speed with how to publish new articles and rearrange homepages.”

Ben Cook, Project Manager 

Five Guys logo
“Oak is almost addictive. It feels like a window into our restaurants. We’re celebrating promotions and new hires to the business, and that gives us confidence.”

Chris Raaff, Head of Recruitment & Internal Communication