Welcome to April’s Oak update!

intranet update
Here’s to the month of double Bank Holidays! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the Oak team have also got some huge, exciting updates to share with you.
Here are some of the highlights from Oak’s most recent release notes:


  • Search, find and access ALL SharePoint content
  • Get a helping hand with our all new Assistance Application
  • Understand and build intranet engagement with Content Centric Reporting


SharePoint Integration
Oak can now fully integrate with your existing SharePoint content


If you’re already using SharePoint, are you feeling nervous about transitioning all your existing content to a new platform?


Oak’s latest update removes all concern for this issue by seamlessly integrating with existing SharePoint systems. Now you can use all of Oak’s engaging and intuitive collaboration functionality to access any SharePoint content without the costs & worry of having to import it directly into Oak.


With this integration, when performing a search in Oak you will also see matching results for your Sharepoint content on tags and titles, easily distinguishable with a Sharepoint icon against each item.


All New Assistance Application
In-platform guidance and help is now at hand for Oak users
Never get stuck in an Oak conundrum again!


You now have a full Oak knowledge base available at your fingertips. Clicking on the icon brings up a full bar of frequently asked questions down the right hand side of your screen, with plenty of examples to help you out.


Through this, you can instantly find help from guides, videos and whitepapers, relating to the page you’re currently viewing or search for further information using the search bar.


Content-Centric Reporting
Quickly understand engagement statistics about any piece of content held in Oak


You can now access analytics for content articles on Oak, such as who has or hasn’t viewed an item by office, department or group, number of views and creation dates. This is useful to identify who to chase up, in case they haven’t seen an important piece of information. It is perfect for determining engagement rates with a particular article. The statistics are displayed in a clear graph format and you can quickly select the figures you require by clicking on the filter settings. Additionally, you can export all the data into Excel, should you wish to present this information in a different way for a management or board meeting.


The updates don’t stop there!
Alongside these main highlights, there have been many other features added to Oak, including a Bradford Factor calculator for absences, regional options for area management, Microsoft Exchange calendar integration, start page customisation and much more!


And the journey continues…
Keep an eye on our Knowledge page for more updates on Oak over the coming months.


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