Intranet Software for Media Companies

Get a buzzing work culture with Oak Intranet.

Media is about getting out breaking news, lightning fast to your audience.
Why shouldn’t that include your employees?
See what you can accomplish with Oak

Share a variety of content

People want their news fast. With subtitled video on the rise for those on-the-go, Oak gives you the space to upload or integrate 3rd party video content your staff can access anywhere. Employees can also create their own personal blogs, share links and interact with one another’s feeds to build their own internal community.  

Boost engagement across all channels 

Engaging your audience is key, especially when your audience are your employees. Through Oak, ensure your staff are engaged and invested in all company news. Create stories that move using written and video content, encourage discussion on your intranet homepages, share content on Teampages, and open-up Hubs for mutual interests.

Create a buzzing work culture

Your branding, ethos and philosophy showcase your culture to the world; make sure your employees feel the same love. Design customised homepages to reflect your stance on inclusion, create events celebrating your diverse workforce, and show your staff that your core beliefs are shared with theirs. 

A news-worthy intranet design for media

Oak media homepage example

Other intranet benefits for the media sector

Reflect your media brand

Customise your intranet to your brand down to colours and fonts. Use your creativity to design custom themes to commemorate holidays and special events.

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Bring people together

Oak is your employee’s virtual office where everyone can get to know each other and be connected to company information so they can make faster, better-informed decisions.

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Mobile Access

Media employees can take the intranet everywhere through Oak’s mobile-optimised app and get important information for themselves and their customers easily.

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Media assets

Store your company branded images, media shots, video and audio assets within Oak’s Media Library ensuring your employees have access to all approved content.

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Personalise Newsfeeds

Get a personalised newsfeed on Oak with content relevant to you from the Hubs, departments and projects you belong to.

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Be social

Connect with colleagues across the organisation with Oak’s social features, such as Hubs, blogs, and social feeds from Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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See Oak in action

To see how else Oak can help you get stuff done in the media industry, check out all our features or watch a demo.

Some of our media customers

Oak media customer logos
Oak media customer logos

“The best thing about Oak is how intuitive it is. Within a few hours the team was up to speed with how to publish new articles and rearrange homepages”

Ben Cook, Project Manager at Halfords Autocentre