Intranet Features

Software designed to make your job easier.

Key Intranet Features

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Designed for Ease

Oak’s friendly interface encourages you to launch your intranet quickly, at your own pace, without slowing you down. Best part? Branding is only a click away.

Home Sweet Home

Create personalised homepages for your chosen audience with content most relevant to them.

Flexible Workflow

Your time is valuable. Which is why Oak automates employee processes, forms, surveys and online authorisations for more flexibility and visibility.

Business Applications

With your Oak membership comes key business apps, including Expenses, Holiday Manager and HR modules, alongside many more. Plus, free rolling updates keep new apps incoming.

Pumped-Up Document Management

Instantly share any document with a simple drag and drop. Control access, versions, tags and mark items as “must be read”.

Smart Search

Oak’s Google-like search instantly finds what you need, even if you misspell ifnormatin.

Anywhere, Any Chair

You’re on the move and Oak stays with you – at the office, home, your smartphone, even on an interplanetary adventure to Mars (subject to Wifi).


Feel the pulse of your intranet’s performance through dynamic reports and keep the heart of your business beating.

Be the Captain of Your Content

Discover your inner author, designer, and broadcaster by publishing and sharing blogs, news, events, and videos.

Collaboration Culture

Encourage team culture, harmony, and colleague chitchats - Oak connects people to what’s happening.

All Together Now

Oak is bigger on the inside. Everything you need to connect is there - integrate with active directory, Office 365, SharePoint and multitudes of other systems instantly.

More Secure than Area 51

Access with SSO, assign permissions and decide what features, areas and content different audiences can see. Most of all, trust your data is safe through Oak.

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