Intranet FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions you've asked us.

Why Oak?

How can Oak help my business?

Oak is a cloud-based, employee-centric, social collaboration tool designed to engage employees and improve communication, collaboration and efficiency within companies.

Through Oak, you can keep employees informed and included, and see them become more responsive, satisfied and confident in their work. Oak’s familiar interface and tools don’t get in the way of their productivity and they can get their work done comfortably and easily. With a more social environment, employees are happier as they’re able to trust their managers and colleagues more, collaborate on new ideas and reach goals together.

Oakay, but what is Oak?

Oak is a private, secure digital workspace accessible only to staff of a company. An internal network with one centralised location for business apps and integrations such as: 

  • Permission based document sharing
  • Collaboration tools for employees
  • HR modules
  • IT systems, and a lot more.

Oak is unavailable to public access, unless with direct permission from internal admin.

Why should I use Oak?

With Oak, you’ll find everything you expect a collaboration software to have with the added bonus of an improved experience and personalised support.

Oak is made in-house with 25 years of intranet experience behind every feature. Nothing is outsourced, not even our customer service. Because Oak is in-house, we’re able to stay completely involved in all aspects of Oak, keep costs low and respond quickly to customer feedback.

What are the advantages of an intranet made in-house?

Because Oak is made in-house, we’re able to tightly integrate features and applications at a low-cost. We’ve put in all the tools you need to build your intranet without the need for consultants. You get everything Oak offers, including updates, training and direct human assistance within a single membership.

Additionally, our team is under one roof who all have a nuanced understanding of Oak that we then apply to our robust and friendly customer service. We know the ins-and-outs of Oak and can adjust quickly to your feedback. We’re able to extensively test our software and UX design before releasing it, meaning fewer complications and happier customers.

Does Oak have Yammer, 365, or other apps?

The great thing about being made in-house is that we’ve developed our own social tools comparable to Yammer, Slack and others. However, we like giving our customers a choice, so you can easily integrate your favourite apps as well.

What do I need apart from Oak?

As Oak is cloud-based, all you need is your phone, tablet or computer and WiFi. You’ll have access at all times.

Should I be worried about moderating content?

No need to worry! All content is moderated by your Content Captain, admin or senior staff. Easily configure permissions for specific areas and relax knowing your data is secure and content is controlled.

How Oak Works

What do I need to do first?

First things first, Just click book your demo with us and get a custom tour to find out how Oak can help your company’s needs. We can go from there.

Is Oak scaleable?

Oak is great for companies large and small. Are you a start-up of 50 people? We’ve got you covered. Have a global company of 100,000? Consider yourselves engaged.

How long does Oak take to set-up?

We have made Oak intuitive and responsive to aid in rapid deployment, without the need for specialised tech support. We provide the training, the support and information, all you need is a little bit of time to build it.

Launching your intranet completely depends on several factors, such as your schedule and size of your company. From our experience, we’ve seen fifty person start-ups go live in a few days, and multi-thousand employee companies go live within two weeks. Just know that we’re there to support you in every phase of your intranet development.

What kind of consultancy do I need to help me launch?

We don’t have consultancy or consultancy fees. Typically, once your intranet team goes through training at Oak Academy, it’s rare to need additional help besides the occasional support email or phone call. We’re happy to guide you as part of our standard support process, along with any other help you need, all included in your membership.  

What tech backs Oak?

Oak is built on cutting edge technology, utilising .NET, HTML5, Makri, and others. It’s designed to be scalable for any sized company, with rolling updates and has been built especially for the cloud.

How much does a membership cost?

Check out our pricing page or contact us directly for a quote!


Can I have a demo?

Yes! Just click here to book one.

Can you help us understand our Intranet requirements?

As part of our interaction with you, we will work together to make sure all your intranet needs are met. You can count on having expert support at every stage of your project.

What kind of support do you offer?

As part of your membership, you can expect full support through phone contact and personal emails for up to five members of your intranet team. We also have a comprehensive knowledge base and blog where you can find a range of topics. Of course, if you have any other questions, we’re here for you.

What kind of training do you provide?

We provide training for up to two people over a relaxing and engaging two-day course that takes place at our dedicated Oak Academy based in Gateshead, UK. If you’re unable to make it in person, we also offer e- training.

Do you use bots?

Absolutely not. When you need support, you will always reach a person. We pride ourselves on keeping customer service personal even as we grow.

Surely, there are hidden fees.

As Oak is made in-house, we can keep our prices low and not have to charge for extra costs like consultancy, improved support, or extra features. Everything Oak has to offer is included in your membership.

And, don’t call me Shirley.


Where can I access Oak?

Oak can be accessed at the office, home, on the go, even on your holiday on any device you like. It’s responsive design responds to screen sizes to ensure you always get an excellent experience. All you need is a WiFi connection.

Is there an app?

There is! Find it at the App Store or Google Play.

Can our customers and partners have access to our intranet?

You can easily create secure extranets for customers, partners, or suppliers, (really anyone), to enable collaboration and content sharing.

What kind of features come with Oak?

Check out our features page to get a brief idea of what you can find on Oak! If you would like a full features list, just contact us.

Can I integrate with 3rd party apps?

Oak integrates with SharePoint, Active Directory, Office 365, Google, OneDrive and your chosen HR system. Access your Outlook 365, Google or Exchange diary directly and upload directly from OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and other providers. 


Where is my data stored, is it secure and who owns it?

All of your data and content you put on Oak completely belongs to you, and is more secure than Denmark’s International Lego archive. 

We’ve partnered with Microsoft Azure Cloud located in London, England and you’re able to choose whichever server you would like your data stored. To show the depths of our commitment, here’s a poem:

Near, far, where ever you are 
You can believe security has the brawn
Once  more data security is at our core
And data is here in Oak’s heart
And Oak protection will go on and on

How do we manage new employee profiles and those that have left?

Oak includes easy integration with Active Directory, used by many enterprise organisations, to seamlessly add and remove people from Oak as you update your internal systems. For those that manage employees with spreadsheets, Oak can integrate with these too, or you can quickly and easily update data directly within Oak at any time. 

What about backups?

As part of your subscription fee, we automatically back up your data once per day and we always retain the last seven daily backups.

What happens if I wish to cancel my membership?

All Oak memberships are paid in advance for a minimum of a 12-month contract. If you really want to leave us, your membership will automatically end once it reaches expiration.

Pricing & Membership

How much is Oak?

Take a look at our pricing page, just know that if you’re an enterprise with 150+ employees, it’s best to reach out to us directly and we can chat about finding the right plan for you.

Can I try out Oak first?

Of course! After booking your demo, you get to play with your newly customised intranet for free for 14 days.

Will you shaft me later?

Absolutely not. Costs scales with you under a single plan. This includes all functions, features and future upgrades. No hidden fees or extra costs. And, if there are any changes, it’s due to CPI and not because we want your moolah.

Do I need to pay more for updates and new features?

Nope. Your membership includes all updates and new features, completely for free.

Are there consultancy fees?

None. Nope. Nada. As Oak is made in-house, we’re able to keep our costs low and pass that on to you. That means we don’t need to charge for consultancy.

How does pricing adjust to the number of employees using Oak?

You can add new employees at any time. As Oak subscriptions are paid in advance, this will be prorated with your remaining subscription to keep things simple. If you wish to reduce numbers, this can be done for you at the time of your annual renewal. 

Do I need any technical expertise to set up Oak?

Not at all! We’ve dumped all the baggage of old-style client-server intranets and designed Oak to be powerful yet simple. Anyone can set it up and you won’t need any consultancy, designers, or developers to hold your hand.

Can I have a discount?

As our prices are fairly competitive already, we don’t offer discounts. However, if you’re interested in a multi-year membership, which does have some long-term discount, let’s talk!

Is there a discount for nonprofits?

There definitely is! Contact us to find out more.

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