Intranet Software for Food & Drink Companies

Nurture your workforce with a deliciously engaging Oak Intranet.

From the field to the brewery, to food truck and store,
onnect and engage your teams all over.

See what you can accomplish with Oak Intranet. 

Nurture your remote staff

From customer-facing employees, back-of-house staff, to brewers playing with hops, you need to get them all connected to the information they need so they can focus on what they do best. Oak’s intranet app gets them talking to one another through Chat and gets vital links to them for access to the company handbook, schedules, payslips, and internal promotions. 

Get a taste for new launches 

Got a new wine coming in from Australia? Or a refreshing IPA? A new menu item? Build up hype for food and drink launches by creating employee-led panels have them write tasting blogs, product guides, and pairing lists so other staff can take what they learn and share it with customers for an impressive buying experience.

Engage employees

Create a positive, supportive environment for all your employees by putting them at the heart of your business goals. Through Oak, your employees become invested and connected to each other through blogging, sharing and commenting on industry news, and gain appreciation for their hard work from you and their peers through Employee Recognition.  

A branded food & drink intranet design

Oak food and drink intranet design example

Other food & drink intranet benefits

Reflect your brand

Customise your intranet with your logo and colours so employees are fully immersed into the organisation the moment they login.

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Brand assets

Store your brand images, product shots, video and audio assets within Oak’s media library ensuring your employees have access to all approved content.

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Bring employees together

Oak is your team’s virtual office where people can connect and access company information so they can make faster, better-informed decisions within your company.

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Onboard new hires

Engage all new employees from the get-go through a dedicated onboarding homepage and align them to your company culture alongside health and safety standards.

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Train employees

Connect your food & beverage workforce to new training and procedures. Integrate with e-learning programs, such as Miyagi, or upload training content directly onto Oak.

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Manage staff data

Keep organisation access secure in case a staff-member leaves by stopping all access to your intranet, ensuring all data is no longer stored on their mobile.

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See Oak in action

To see how else Oak can help you get stuff done, check out all our features or watch a demo.

Some of our food & drink customers

“I’ve had lots of comments on how much they enjoy working
with Oak and how easy it is to just get things done”

Sarah Judd, Communications Manager at Pizza Express