Intranet on Your Mobile

Download free apps for Apple and Android Phones

Oak comes with free native apps for both iOS and Android, giving you all the power of Oak via an optimised interface designed for your phone. Access your organisation’s content from anyplace, anywhere, at any time!

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Oak is designed for mobile first

Oak works seamlessly on all mobile devices. Not only is the interface 100% responsive but we also created some functionality that allows you to “tweak” the mobile homepage designs to truly create a beautiful experience.

Mobile Security Administration is a breeze

Oak Administrators can centrally manage all mobile devices so access can be quickly revoked if a phone has been lost or stolen. In addition, if an employee leaves your organisation and their employee record is deactivated on your Intranet (automatic for Active Directory or HR users) then this will also deactivate access to the mobile app on their device.

But we use WhatsApp for communication?

We’ve built a fully-featured Messenger application into Oak that offers exactly the same functionality as a WhatsApp but with the added bonus of being controlled, secure and, of course, fully auditable. Include pictures, videos, attachments and even GIFs in supporting your comments.

Search across everything

Use the mobile app to quickly search for any Oak content including people, policies, documents, skills, branches, discussions, FAQ’s, Hubs, processes, news and even SharePoint documents. A simple click will then take you to any content (permission pending) where you can then also comment and like.

Chat video notification

Offsite workers finally feel connected

Your retail staff, truck drivers, care workers, salespeople or engineers can finally feel part of your organisation, contributing their ideas, sharing news, photos/videos and using all the standard tools your office workers have been enjoying for years including completing forms, booking time off or compiling their expenses.

Notifications to keep you in the loop

The Oak mobile app doesn’t need to be running for you to see a notification of something that needs your immediate attention, be it a document that’s just been published, a holiday request from a team member requiring approval or just someone liking your recent social post about the next planned office Kebab-and-Chip fest!

Oak Security comes as Standard

The Oak mobile app securely connects you to all of your colleagues (including those not based in the office). A one-time simple pairing process is all you need to link your phone with your Oak account — you’ll never have to remember your username or password again.