Customise Your Intranet Design

Easily customise the look and feel of Oak to reflect your brand, culture and values. It’ll instantly feel like home, maximising engagement from day one.
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Stunning Homepages – no design skills required

With Oak’s drag-and-drop homepage builder, you’ll be setting up, tweaking and refining homepages in a jiffy. Oak takes care of all the little things, like auto-aligning page elements, resizing and spacing, so you can focus on getting your message out there, safe in the knowledge your homepages will never look anything less than spectacular.

A new skin for every day

With Oak, you have the power to change the look and feel of your intranet whenever you feel. Add some hearts on Valentines, or maybe a spider or two on Halloween. We can even make it snow at Christmas! You have the power to create a truly personalised intranet that blends a beautiful interface with your unique identity and brand.

Audience support

Choose to have different versions of homepages shown depending upon a visitor’s job title, department, project, branch, or in fact anything you could wish for. A great way to ensure the content your users see is relevant to them, which increases engagement levels and user satisfaction.


Many applets can show information personalised to the viewer, including calendars, tasks, magazines, favourites, timelines and more, pulling information in from other areas of Oak, or connected enterprise applications (such as rota systems) that are relevant to the user.

Welcome tasks
Phone and applications
More Applets that you can shake a stick at!

Choose from dozens of Applets (the small windows of information that make up a homepage) displaying Tweets, Quick Links, Countdowns, News, Reports, social discussions and much more.

Mobile Homepage design

Oak is a fully responsive solution, however, you can still control exactly how the interface should appear on mobile devices, with full control over appearance, order and whether to enable/disable applets for mobile viewing.

Scheduled Homepages

Homepages can be scheduled to appear at certain times of the year (maybe Christmas, Easter or Halloween) or maybe once every quarter to encourage folks to submit their budgets/expenses on time. You can even target certain devices (i..e smartphones, tablets or computers) with specific homepages to optimise the user experience.

Multilingual capability

Oak has been designed to be fully multi-lingual, simply by plugging in ‘language packs’, allowing anybody to preference which language they would like their Oak interface to be displayed in. We plan to regularly add to the language packs available within Oak.

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