Document Management

Upload and share any kind of electronic document to your intranet in seconds. Say goodbye to endless folders and shared drives.
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Share from any Drive

You can upload content from your local, network or any internet enabled drive. Oak fully supports Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint and Box. In addition, you can choose to leave your documents on your internet drive but have Oak manage the revisions, version control and indexing.

Usage statistics

Comprehensive statistics are maintained for each document, enabling authorised users to easily see how many times a document has been viewed, by how many people, from which areas of your organisation and for any time period you choose. You can even find out who hasn’t seen the document yet, allowing you to promote important content if necessary.

Full revision control

All historical document versions are kept and can be viewed within Oak, including details of when and why they were changed. Automatic review dates can also be set, notifying the author and other nominated individuals whenever files are due for review, ensuring your important documents are always up to date.

Likes and Comments

Hear your colleague’s thoughts and opinions on your published documents. It a quick and fun way to show folks have read the content and what they think about it.

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Manage all types of files

Any type of electronic files can be uploaded, shared and managed using Oak’s Fileshare application, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files. As well as the titles and synopses of each file, every single word within files is automatically indexed and becomes instantly searchable (even PDFs!) enabling you to easily search for and find the right document, fast.

Publish directly from Office to Oak

Create Microsoft Office document (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) directly from within Oak. With one click it is now possible to work on your content but then have Oak manage the versions, review dates, tagging and of course indexing. Oak allows you to find any office documents through the universal search box from the moment you submit it to your intranet.

Mandatory Read

Sometimes you need to ensure that your employees have read and acknowledged Oak documents or any piece of content for that matter. With Oak, you can set a notice or mandatory read to ensure team members have accessed and confirmed they’ve read it. You can also track compliance to see who has read the document and nudge those who haven’t with a gentle (or not so gentle!) reminder.


Document access can be restricted to individuals, user groups, departments or projects, enabling you to easily control access to sensitive information. Permissions can be created to allow different groups of people to view documents, edit documents or share documents across your organisation.

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SharePoint Integration

If you use SharePoint, then you will be delighted to know that Oak integrates seamlessly (out of the box cloud) with it. You can choose to keep your existing SharePoint structure and simply have Oak manage the version control, review dates, tagging and searching or alternatively, you can opt to bring your documents directly into Oak.

Document Preview

Oak allows you to view a document’s content without you having to download it and open it up just to see if it’s the document you need.  Whether it’s a PDF file, a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, or a PowerPoint presentation — your employees can quickly review content without having to open up the respective applications.