Intranet Applications

You want to focus on creating the right intranet for your organisation, and to be able to grow and shape it as your organisational needs change. So we’ll give you access to every Oak application, allowing you to use what you want, when you want it, without ever having to worry if ‘it was an option we paid for’.

Here are some examples of the dozens of apps available for your intranet success. No barriers here!

Expense Management

The Expense Manager application allows you to submit, review, and approve or reject company expense claims using your Oak intranet. Users can submit single or multiple expense claims simultaneously, and the application records full details including type, date, cost, currency and description for each item. Submitted claims are emailed to immediate managers for review, with approved claims progressed to finance departments for final approval.

Oak also allows you to use your mobile phone to submit expenses on the go. Simply take a photo of your receipt and within a couple of clicks, it’s electronically sent for approval.

Expense manager

Questions and Answers

The Q&A application allows you to start a discussion on any topic using the intranet, enabling your employees to provide their suggestions, experiences, ideas and solutions, irrespective of time or location. Give your employees a platform to brainstorm ideas and encourage them to provide feedback and voting on the best suggestions. You can then crowdsource the most liked and accepted solution, locking it away for future intranet searches.

Personal and Collaborative Blogs

Get your people sharing ideas, experiences, opinions and news using our amazing blogging functionality. Individuals can have their own personal blog or Content Captains can create community blogs that allow folk to contribute to a particular topic. Blogs can be optionally approved ensuring nothing gets out that doesn’t fit your standards or brand.


Ensuring people see and read important content

Making sure folks have seen and read important pieces of information is becoming an increasingly critical issue for many organisations. Oak provides an amazing notices application that can specifically target individuals, groups, departments, branches or projects to highlight any important content that they need to be aware of. The application also monitors who have read and acknowledged compliance, saving logs for any future audits.

Onboarding new Employees

Oak can detect new employees (through Active Directory or a new record within your chosen HR Solutions) and can optionally target these folks so for the first week (totally up to you!) they are directed to a special “onboarding” homepage where you can gently introduce them to your company, culture, history and processes. It can also be used to ensure folks have accessed important policies and procedures and agreed to them moving forward.


Extranets Access

Allow your partners, suppliers, customers or any external contacts to share and collaborate with you by granting them secure and controlled access to your intranet. Underpinned by Oak’s comprehensive permissions system, extranet users will only ever see what you want them to see.

Holiday & Absence Management

Save staff time and reduce HR headaches and costs with our Absence Manager application Simplify the process for holiday requests and approvals, allowance calculations and absence management with a highly visual planner that gives managers at-a-glance visibility of absences across your entire organisation, departments, projects or teams.

Holiday management
empoyee recognition

Employee Recognition – Cheers!

Everybody loves a sincere compliment, with the ”Cheers to the Peers” application Oak folks can acknowledge a colleague’s good work and show some public appreciation. Others can then see these and also share their appreciation and comments.


Is a wonderful piece of Oak functionally that allows you to quickly target a specific group of folk (branches, departments, projects, groups) with an important message or prompt to view a specific piece of content. It is particularly useful for offsite mobile workers as it allows you to keep in touch during a crisis or emergency.


Human Resource Management

Easily record and manage personnel records for your organisation, including employment details. contact information. reviews, appraisals, benefits, training information… In fact, anything you to need to manage your people! Automatically be informed of forthcoming reviews ensuring they are never forgotten.

Analytics and Reporting

Oak has a comprehensive range of reporting options. System reports produce data on engagement and usage of the platform in a clear format. Oak can also be integrated with Google Analytics to show in-depth data for each page.

You can quickly understand engagement statistics about content held in Oak through content-centric reporting.

Analytics and Reporting

Oak Messenger

Everybody loves WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. However, nobody likes the idea of having company discussions outside the controls of the organisation. Enter stage left the Oak Messenger application. This has similar functionality as our peer’s application but with the added benefit of wrapping Oak security and compliance around the application. Strike up conversations in realtime with individuals, groups or the entire company (permission based) include pictures, attachments or even gifs to get your message across.