Oak Intranet Features

Oak Intranet delivers a seamless, ultra-modern experience that draws people in and makes them want to use it. It’s inviting, slick and addictive. Here are some highlights:

Meet your most connected employee

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Document Management

Manage documents in one place and instantly share with a simple drag and drop. Control access, versions and tags and mark items as “must be read” for any audience.

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Oak comes with all the business collaboration apps you need to get stuff done. From Expenses, Service Desk, HR modules and more; use the ones you need and lose the ones you don’t.

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Intranet Design

Build personalised intranet homepages at your own pace and easily customise the look with your organisational brand.
Best part? No tech or design skills required.

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Create an employee information database and connect teams to improve business collaboration. Put people at the heart of the intranet so colleagues can find each other, live chat and share what they know

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Workflow Management

Replace your paper-based forms and workflows with highly flexible, electronic versions. Manage complex internal processes with a simple drag-and-drop interface — all fully automated and customisable.

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Social Intranet

Create instant social communities to connect your teams and departments where they share thoughts, ideas and successes. See a happier, harmonious work culture through internal communication features.

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Intelligent Search

Find any content within your intranet — even integrated apps such as SharePoint and Office 365 — as everything is indexed. Oak’s Google-like search instantly finds relevant results for you; even if you misspell information.

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Mobile Access

You’re on the move and Oak stays with you via a dedicated Android or iOS intranet app – at the office, home, or an interplanetary adventure to Mars. WiFi allowing, that is.

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Service Desk

Track, prioritise and solve support issues across your organisation. Service Desk simplifies ticket management and queue handling, helping any department provide great service to employees and customers every time.

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Publish Content

Discover your inner author, designer, and broadcaster by publishing and sharing blogs, news, policies, events, media and documents. Keep everyone up to date and connected.

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Enough jibber-jabber. Why not see it for yourself?

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The launch-pad for everything you need

Oak becomes the beating heart of your digital workplace. By providing seamless integrations with your key business solutions and acting as the launch pad for everything you need to do, it’ll be the one-stop shop your people go to get stuff done.

The gateway to all your knowledge

Absolutely everything you share within your intranet becomes instantly searchable. It’s like having your own internal Google, giving you rapid access to all your historic organisational knowledge, allowing everyone to make better, faster decisions.

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An extension of your corporate personality

Oak features the most innovative homepage designer ever imagined. Choose from dozens of stunning applets and simply drag and drop them into place. Oak automatically takes care of all the fiddly stuff, so your pages always look stunning. Choose your brand colours and logos and Oak instantly transforms into a solution that reflects your culture and values. Your users will feel immediately at home and you’ll maximise engagement from day one.

With great power, comes great simplicity

Powerful enough for a global enterprise yet simple enough to use without a degree in rocket science; it was our goal from day one and the hundreds of thousands of Oak users, from companies of all shapes and sizes around the world, will tell you we succeeded. Everything from intranet set up and homepage design to permission management and content creation has been thought through to be quick and easy. Intranets really shouldn’t be this much fun.

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