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Bring your business together and improve employee engagement 

Connect your people...

Staying connected with your employees and wider business is a key element for successful enterprise and corporate engagement. That’s why it’s so important to give your people the right tools to do so.

In Oak, the timeline is the ‘go-to’ place to catch up with the latest news and announcements. The timeline allows you to connect and interact with other colleagues through all kinds of different content, including comments and likes, add images or files and even take polls, all of which encourage appreciation and improve employee engagement.

image of oak timeline
image of oak timeline
image of mobile oak chat conversation
image of mobile oak chat conversation

When trying to improve corporate engagement, connectivity is key. Leave behind the days of emailing back and forth and keep the conversation flowing through Instant Messenger. Designed to improve employee engagement and workplace productivity, users can send messages to one specific person or a whole group. Perfect for department communication and social interactivity.

And ensure your workforce never miss an update through your own company branded mobile app. Ideal for organisations with remote or deskless workers, you have the power to access the same employee engagement app as desktop workers, but from anywhere, at any time.

Keep your people engaged

Effective enterprise & corporate engagement is important for businesses that want to sustain company growth and encourage employee satisfaction. Oak's Employee Engagement App has a selection of features focused specifically on improving employee engagement, and the intuitive and simple usability makes every day in the office an enjoyable and engaging experience.

image of oak search
image of oak search

No more spending valuable time searching for that important form you need. Search in Oak enables users to locate all content, past or present, quickly. A real time saver, Search is designed to find whatever you need instantly, making your working day easier whilst providing ultimate employee satisfaction.

Search also allows you to stay up to date with the most popular content. Our Trending features gives users suggestions on what content to view based on what other people are searching for, enabling your workforce to collaborate. Corporate engagement has never been so easy.

Collaborate and work better together

Collaboration is at the heart of every successful business. Ensuring that your people work well together is essential when it comes to maintaining productivity and overall job satisfaction. Our enterprise and corporate engagement app provides your team with a variety of cutting-edge features that help people work together in real time and access the content that’ most important to them.

In Oak, Hubs bring like-minded people together, allowing them to share and collaborate on common interests. Whether you need to share content company-wide, want to share the latest user interface designs with a select group, or simply want a place to talk about the next social event, Hubs enables you to instantly connect with and target the right people, and gives them a place to collaborate on a specific subject.

Make your team stronger than ever through your own Social Feed. Dedicated to all non-work-related information, your team have a space to create bonds with other colleagues and work on their team-building skills.

Eliminate all content irrelevant to you and have a timeline customised to your needs. My Feed allows users to choose what they view on their timeline depending on what areas/teams/hubs they’re part of.

image of oak hubs
image of oak hubs

Get help from the experts

You're never alone when you're with us. Our experts will help you throughout all aspects of your employee engagement journey. 

Onboarding & Support

Our customer success team will ensure you have everything you need to get started and to get your employee engagement app up and running. From helping you set-up and populate your employee engagement app to supplying you with the tools you need to make your platform a success beyond implementation. Our team are with you every step of the way.