Create a Social Intranet

Bring employees together for better collaboration.
Hub with chat
Improve your methods of internal communication and join the social intranet revolution, bringing vital connection to your employees with Oak Intranet. 
Project management

Project and Social Hubs

Create an unlimited number of Hubs for projects, goals, health incentives, and hobbies. Discuss, share, upload and blog to positively encourage internal communication amongst teams.

Share Media and Files

Upload and share videos, images, PDFs and more with the rest of your Hub. Keep them organised within the Hub media library that’s always visible and never gets lost in the feed.

Hub Timelines

See all the latest news and posts on Hubs you’re a member of, highlighting content relevant to you in one single location. Comment, like and share on colleague’s posts, boosting social engagement.

Image and Video Carousels

Display Hub photos and videos on media carousels directly on your Hub Timelines. Hub members can browse, share, comment and like what they see. Plus, it’s 100% mobile compatible. 

@Tagging and Mentions

Tag people and Hubs with @Tagging, sending an automatic notification to those mentioned ensuring important discussions are never missed.



Get a notification when there’s anything requiring your attention or mentions you specifically with an @Tag. Even if it’s just someone liking those cat videos you shared.  

Share and Like

 Show your appreciation for someone’s post with a comment, like and share it on your own Timeline. 

Intranet Mobile Access

Stay involved while out and about and never miss an opportunity to be part of the discussion again through Oak Intranet Mobile App. Share thoughts, ideas and comments anywhere, at any time with your smartphone and tablet.