Service Desk

Deliver awesome customer service, every time, with Oak’s Service Desk system. Track, prioritise and solve multiple support tickets across your organisation, with auto-routing based on user, location or type.

Outlook and Office 365

Sync Outlook and Office 365 mailbox, along with other email systems, with Service Desk and respond directly through your email to any ticket request and SLA. 

Easily raise tickets

A simplified workflow allows employees and customers to raise Service Desk tickets, include screenshots and attachments all within one process, increasing efficiency and response time. 

Customise SLAs based on priority

Create custom SLAs, each with their own target resolution times for any Service Desk ticket. Monitor time spent on each job, allowing enough time to notify people when a ticket is approaching its SLA target. 

laptop showing customisable SLA
laptop showing a dashboard

Proactive notifications

Receive automatic notifications of any updates or SLA deadlines via Oak tasks and emails, allowing you to provide stellar service with every step of the way. 

Customise Dashboards

Choose what information is most important on your personal dashboard. Filter how you view tickets based on numerous factors, including unresolved, priority or deadlines. 

Department-based Service Desk

Any department or project in your organisation can have their own version of Service Desk set up specifically to their needs and tasks, with customised SLAs, reports and knowledge base.