Publishing Tools

Easily publish content

Publish content in a simple 2-step process, and quickly share a news story, file, discussion, blog or photo with the rest of the organisation.

Publish a content series

Publish new issues for your company magazine, quarterly newsletter, handbooks, guides and  more. Embed images, gifs and videos for a more engaging and interactive feel.

create content screen

Customise publications for your audience 

Build a new publication through format templates and an HTML editor to personalise your pages. See how your content will look when it’s live and deliver it in a beautifully-displayed, interactive magazine for specific departments or keep it open it to the entire organisation. 

Rich reader experience for any screen

Oak Issue delivers mobile-optimised content for reading on the go. Bring your company news to life with a sweep of your finger to change the page and enter full-screen mode for a visually engaging and immersive reader experience. 

Content engagement analytics 

See what’s hot through engagement analytics to see which issues people are reading and for how long. Employees can express their reading enjoyment through comments and likes, adding a layer of engagement. 

Media library

Access Oak’s rich media library of royalty-free stock images to include in your content. Add filters, crop and include text to make it your ownUpload your own images and videos directly to the media library.  

media picker
embed videos in blogs


Got something to share? Publish your own blog or be a Content Captain for your department and write posts relevant to your audience. Oak’s discovery app highlights all published blogs in case you missed something special.

Add videos

Embed video content from the likes of YouTube and Vimeo, or upload video directly onto Oak where it’s encoded and added to your media library.  

Your personal magazine

Fill in your interests and what’s important to you, and get a personalised magazine made just for you. Oak Magazine shows you both internal and worldly news, giving you an overview of what’s happening all around.