People Directory

People are the heart of the intranet. Oak lets you record everything you need to about your team,
and connects them to content, locations, knowledge and each other, to create a rich, vibrant and buzzing intranet.
Org Chart

Employee Information Database

Record important details about your employees creating a rich database of searchable skills and contact details within your organisation. Encourage your staff to fill in their personal profiles, add a profile photo, their hobbies and what they enjoy most so they can connect with colleagues for future projects and socialising.

Organisational Charts

Oak automatically sorts your employees into charts according to department, branch or project, ensuring workflow processes reach the right people for approval.

An Intranet for Employees

Create a team-centric homepage for those in your immediate department with Oak’s employee collaboration software. Include status updates, blog entries, photos, documents, videos and other content with those who need to know. With Oak Timelines, your team can comment, like and share content for rapid collaboration.

Branch Information

Record details of all your branch offices including opening hours, how to get there, Google directions, staff based at each location, even recommend pubs and hotels nearby.

Location homepage

Instant Messenger

Keep chats internal and brand it up through Oak’s Messenger. See who’s online, send a quick message, and share content. Express yourself with gifs and emojis while talking to one another.

Broadcast & Push Notifications

A dispersed workforce can create challenges in relaying important information when it really matters. With Oak’s Push-E, send and track information to the right people across mobile and desktop channels in case of a critical update or emergency situation.

Employee Recognition

Show you appreciate the rockstars on your team with Oak’s Employee Recognition. Customise your message to reflect what they’ve done best and make them proud for what they’ve achieved.

Sync Employee Data

Synchronise employee information from multiple systems, including Active Directory, Azure Directory, an Excel spreadsheet or even your own HR solution. Regardless of the source, Oak will automatically add, update and deactivate employee accounts, ensuring data is accurate.

Employee recognition