Intranet on Your Mobile

Mobile intranet app for iPhone & Android

Stay in the loop with our iPhone and Android apps and get all the power of Oak on-the-go. 

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Responsive mobile intranet

Keep up with the conversation through Oak’s responsive mobile interface creating an inclusive experience for those without direct desktop access. 

Instant Log-in

Pair your device to connect instantly with your Oak account for immediate access to your company intranet. 

Oak Messenger

Keep conversations secure and internal with Oak Messenger. Brand your company chat according to your corporate identity and include pictures, videos, attachments and GIFs with your comments.

Mobile intranet search 

Search for intranet content on your mobile. Find people, policies, documents, skills, branches, discussions, FAQ’s, Hubs, processes, news and even SharePoint documents. 

Chat video notification

Connect your remote workers

Make your remote workers feel part of the team through Oak’s mobile intranet app. They can contribute ideas, share news, images, submit holidays and expenses, and stay connected with their colleagues and know all company news. 

Notifications on-the-go

Receive notifications for when something needs your immediate attention. Whether it’s a holiday request, expense approval, a message from your teammate or even an update on the next office Christmas party. 

Mobile intranet security

Intranet admins centrally manage all mobile devices and can revoke access if a mobile device is lost, stolen or even if an employee leaves your organisation.