Customise Your Intranet Design

Reflect your brand, culture, and values and maximise engagement from day one.

Intranet Design

Intranet building software

Customise intranet homepages quickly with Oak’s drag and drop interface. Oak’s intranet builder auto-aligns page elements, automatically resize and takes care of spacing so you can focus on getting your message out — no design skills necessary. 

Internal Branding 

Align employees with internal branding and share your company culture with them from the moment they login. Name your intranet, design and add your logo, match brand colours and fonts, customise apps and get people talking through interactive social features.

Customisable for your Audience

Design different versions of homepages depending upon job title, department, project, branch, or permissions. A great way to ensure the content your audience sees is relevant to them,  increasing engagement and job satisfaction. 

Personalised Intranet Homepages

Make employees feel welcome when they login and see a personalised greeting, their calendars, holiday plans, timelines, hubs, magazine and news. Oak pulls information from other areas of your intranet design according to what they need to see. 

Intranet Design
Phone and applications

Mobile Intranet Design

Design your company intranet for mobile access. Employees on-the-go can access vital company information, updates, rotaspayslips and more according to how your design the mobile experience.  

Customise with Intranet Apps

Design your intranet homepages with various apps including your company Twitter feed, RSS industry news, Quick Links, event countdowns, timelines and more.

Design Celebratory Homepages

Recognise certain times of the year with fun intranet homepages on desktop and mobile. Make it snow for Christmas, get your employees excited for the company outing to Oktoberfest, even energise people for the Grand National.

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