Document Management

One place to create, manage and collaborate your document content.
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Full Document Control

See every document revision, including details of the changes made. Need to keep policies updated? Set automatic review dates to notify the author when files are due for review.

Intranet Integrations

Upload, create and share content directly from any drive. Built-in integrations connect you to what you need so you don’t have to navigate to another site. Oak offers full support of integrations, including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, Box, and more.  

Improve Collaboration

Collaborate and amend documents together through Oak. Share content with your team and get real-time feedback through Likes and Comments. As a Content Captain, analyse engagement on documents with Oak Intranet Analytics. See how many people have viewed a document and who still needs to. 

See how Aldi UK did it.

Search Intranet Content

Quickly find important information and streamline your tasks with a smart document management system; whether it’s a Word, Excel, PDF files, directly from Office 365 or Google Suite. All content created, shared or uploaded through Oak is automatically indexed and instantly searchable.

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Document Permissions

Ensure sensitive information is shared with those who need to know. Oak’s document management software provides access to the right audience, whether they’re in a different office, department or project — all the way down to the individual.

Publish Directly from Office to Oak 

Create new content through Word, Excel and PowerPoint directly from within Oak. Work on your content and have Oak manage versions, review dates, tagging and indexing. Need a specific document? Find it directly on Oak.

Mandatory Read

Have something important to announce? Set a mandatory read to ensure everyone pays attention to your new policy or critical news and confirms they’ve read it. Track compliance to see who has read it and those who need a little nudge.

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SharePoint Integration

Integrate with SharePoint and keep your existing SharePoint infrastructure. Manage version control, review dates, document management, tagging and searching, all through Oak. 

Engagement Analytics

See comprehensive stats for content, and see how many times it has been viewed, by how many people, which areas in your organisation and during any time period.