Business Collaboration Apps

Bring collaboration to the core of your business.
Customise, integrate and shape the intranet as your organisation grows, using the apps you need to get stuff done. Oak’s business collaboration apps are there for your teams include all you need and want as standard — no barriers here.

Expense Management

Submit, review and approve company expense claims and keep an accurate record of the entire process with Oak Intranet. Choose a type of expense, add the date, even change the currency and send off single or multiple claims simultaneously to automatically reach the right people for approval.  

On the go? Use your Oak Intranet App to photograph and submit claims. No more receipt rodeo.

Expense manager

Questions and Answers

Give your employees a place to brainstorm ideas and start a discussion on your company intranet. People can share their questions and answers with each other and add to the company conversation. All content is saved and indexed for future searches.

Onboard New Employees

New employees land onto your intranet onboarding page just for them on Oak. Introduce your company ethos, culture and history, go over policies and procedures, and be sure your new employees feel included and confident in their new roles.

empoyee recognition

Employee Recognition

Employees want to feel engaged, valued and connected at work, and are at their most productive when they appreciated. Use Oak’s Employee Recognition app to publicly let them know what a great job they did and let the accolades from colleagues come flying in. 

Human Resources Management

Focus on people, not paperwork. Oak streamlines HR tasks so you can focus on what matters most to your organisation. Replace spreadsheets with modern intranet software designed to record and manage staff information, boost employee performance and grow your business. 

Holiday management

Holiday & Absence Management

Simplify the process for holiday requests and approvals through your digital workplace. Allowance calculations and absence management with a highly visual planner give you an at-a-glance overview of absences across your entire organisation.


Need to quickly inform your workforce? Send a targeted message through Oak Intranet to everyone with Push-E’s in case a critical update or emergency should arise. 


Employee Record Management

Easily record and manage personnel records for your organisation through your modern intranet software, including employment details, contact information, reviews, appraisals, benefits, and training information. Automatically be informed of forthcoming reviews ensuring they are never forgotten.

Analytics and Reporting

Check on the health of your intranet through Oak’s comprehensive analytics and reporting. Integrate with Google Analytics, Hotjar, and other analytics systems to show in-depth data and heatmaps for each page.

Analytics and Reporting

Oak Messenger

Strike up conversations with colleagues across the office and around the world and keep company chats internal on your intranet with Oak Messenger. Send documents, images, attachments, and gifs for a new level of interactivity and engagement at work.