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Paperchase: Transforming Their Internal Communication Strategy with Oak Engage 

Leading UK stationery company, Paperchase, are always looking for ways to maintain consistent communication and engage their workforce. Elizabeth Borrie, Retail Communications Coordinator at Paperchase comments: “We have very strong engagement and healthy NPS scores across the business, so it was key that we continued to support store teams with tools to make them more effective whilst improving our communications.” 

To achieve a seamless internal communications process throughout all of their stores, Paperchase decided to partner with Oak Engage to implement their cloud-based Intranet software. 

Industry: Retail  |  No. of users: 1,500 - 2,000
Area: UK

The Challenge

Although Paperchase already had an internal communication platform installed, the old site was outdated. Elizabeth added: “The old site had become cluttered, unorganised, and inconsistent with our brand identity. There was also no strategy behind managing the site, making it hard for employees to navigate through.” 

A total revamp of the site was needed to create a user-friendly platform that employees could visit for the latest company news and updates. 

Engaging Employees 

To make sure all Paperchase colleagues are made aware of the latest Paperchase news during the pandemic (and beyond) Paperchase are utilising various communication features in Oak Engage such as ‘notices’ and ‘push-notifications’. On communicating with staff during COVID-19, Elizabeth said; “Naturally, there was a lot of closing and reopening of stores throughout the height of the pandemic. The ‘notices’ and ‘push-e notifications' were vital in ensuring all emergency comms were delivered and received in a timely and organised fashion.”

Accessible Anywhere

Oak Engage offers a fully personalised, innovative service to ensure Paperchase’s brand identity is represented throughout. ‘Paperspace’, a very fitting name for their app, can be easily accessed by all employees via mobile, wherever they are, 24/7. 

Elizabeth comments: “Colleagues previously accessed Paperspace through in-store tills or store laptops which limited the potential and performance of Paperspace. Developing the app, means all colleagues can access the site at any time of the day.”

Creating an Intuitive Experience 

The new and improved design of Paperspace means that employees can access important company information quickly and easily. Elizabeth adds: “The new design is intuitive and simple to use, meaning files and homepages are a lot easier for users to access.” 

As well as creating a user-friendly platform, Paperchase has also improved interaction on their site through various features within Oak Engage and engaging more with their people. “We are using a wider selection of features such as timelines, polls, media collections and hubs which has allowed us to embrace our fun side and see more individualised interactions.” 


Industry: Retail 

No. of users: 1,500 - 2,000

Area: UK 

“Paperspace is the flagship for our internal communications and is a one-stop-shop that provides store colleagues and Support Office Teams with everything they need to do their job well.”

The Results

99% Monthly Engagement

82% Weekly Engagement

3610 Content Views Dec 2021