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Oak Engage is the clear winner for MFA Oil

We've partnered with MFA Oil, an energy cooperative based in Columbia Missouri. We spoke with Jody Confer, Sr. Web Design Specialist, and Jeff Hopkins, IT Services Director, on why they selected us as their intranet of choice over the competition.

Industry: Utilities  |  No. of users: 2,000
Area: United States

What problems are you solving with Oak Engage?

 "We're ready to upgrade our intranet. We have problems with the speed and keeping it updated, so we're looking for an easier platform to use that will boost engagement with our employees."

What made you select Oak Engage over other providers?

 "It's a great platform with a lot of flexibility.  The social features stand out, and it is very intuitive.  Working with the folks at Oak Engage has been an enjoyable experience."

 How well did the team tailor the presentation to your needs?

 "The whole team has been great! They are very knowledgeable about the product and have been very eager to help us. There was never any delay in getting back to us with answers to our questions or potential solutions that we hadn't even considered."

"We gave them a multiple-page document, identifying different case studies and what we wanted to achieve. The Oak Engage team took the time to understand our expectations and provided solutions for all of our priorities."

 How was your experience with our team?

"It's been great. One of our concerns going in was the administrative side, and Oak Engage has done a remarkable job of making that aspect flexible and easy to understand."

What did you like best?

 "We like the social tools, the ability to communicate across teams, and the optionality to organize the site in a way that fits the structure of our organization."

"We love the flexibility and the control we have over the pages and content. That's been a big issue with our current system. We need to make sure our content owners stay up  to date with fresh content on the site at all times."

 How easy did we make this decision for you?

 "Very easy. We went through a long process, but Oak Engage was the clear winner, and Oak's level of engagement was certainly an important piece of that. Their quick responses and turnaround were much appreciated, and Oak has answered all our questions. It's been a really good experience."

What recommendations do you have for others considering?

 "I would certainly recommend Oak Engage to anyone. They need to be on your list of considerations!"

Jody Confer, Sr. Web Design Specialist and Jeff Hopkins, IT Services Director

Industry: Utilities 

No. of users: 2,000

Area: United States