Intranet Software for Charities

Connect remote workers with Oak Intranet.

A social, mobile intranet portal, like Oak, assist charities where they need it most with easy maintenance, low overhead and a flexible interface.
See what you can accomplish with Oak Intranet

Reduce overhead costs

Save on printing, postage and shipping materials as staff can access current information from their mobile. When content is updated, you only need to upload it to Oak and set a review date to ensure accurate version control. 

Connect remote workers

Part-time staff and volunteers working in shops will have instant access to everything important, including schedules, contact information, news and updates. If the need to reach another shop or a fellow employee, a quick search connects them immediately. 

Streamline training and development

Training staff takes time and revenue, which can create a net loss when employees leave. Reduce these costs by putting all training materials, policies and procedures on Oak, and retain employee’s knowledge by encouraging them to publish their experiences on the intranet blog.

A branded charity intranet design

Other intranet benefits for charities

Work Securely

Enable encrypted sharing of information across charity workers by creating a centralised knowledge hub protected by your own security permissions.

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Bring volunteers together

Oak is your non-profit’s virtual office where everyone are connected to organisational information so they can make faster, better-informed decisions together.

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Streamlined Process

Automate paperwork, forms, surveys and more by allowing your charity teams to complete processes online and on their mobile for faster turn-around.

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Onboard your charity staff

Engage all new hires and volunteers from the get-go through a dedicated on-boarding intranet homepage and align them to your culture, ethos and best practices.

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Track Compliance

Staff & volunteers are kept updated on new policies and procedures through Mandatory Read. See who needs a little reminder as all responses are recorded for auditing purposes.

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Manage access

Keep charity data access secure in case a worker leaves by stopping all access to the intranet, ensuring all data is no longer stored on their mobile.

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See Oak in action

To see how else Oak can help you get stuff done in the charities sector, check out all our features or watch a demo.

Some of our charity customers

“The best thing about Oak is how intuitive it is. Within a few hours the team was up to speed with how to publish new articles and rearrange homepages”

Ben Cook, Project Manager at Halfords Autocentre