Top 4 Best Employee Engagement App Features

Top 4 Best Employee Engagement App Features

These days, employee engagement apps are becoming a mainstay for businesses around the world. Despite making up 80% of the global workforce, deskless workers are prone to being forgotten about. It seems the lack of a desktop can lead to these workers getting pushed to the bottom on the communication pile.

The issues deskless workers face due to not having the right internal communications tool in place are never-ending; they usually receive out of date company information; they are sometimes not included in important company updates and their voices often go unheard. With the range of technologies out there to engage with a deskless workforce, there really is no excuse to not be interacting with these workers. It’s now more evident than ever that digital workplace capabilities need to reflect the growing need for better communication and interconnectivity between staff.

If you read our previous blog, ‘How to Avoid the Deskless Disconnect’, we explored the ways to connect and engage your deskless workforce through modern technology. But today, we’re going to delve into the top 4 employee engagement app features needed to keep your deskless workforce up to date and engaged.


First and foremost, mobile is essential to an effective internal communications strategy. A mobile app should be an essential integration to your company’s digital workplace capabilities. Employees are using mobile to communicate now more than ever. Companies are even using mobile engagement apps for employees to help improve their wellbeing and connectivity. We’re currently living in a digital age that is becoming increasingly centred around mobile. You need a platform that will be easily accessible to your employees. And since 72% of employees use a mobile device,  the logical thing would be to engage your workforce via a mobile employee engagement app.

Get your deskless employees onboarded with mobile. Oak’s employee engagement app allows users access to their digital workplace from anywhere at any time. It’s perfect for users who are constantly on the go and have little or no access to a desktop.

Users can access their main timeline, keep up to date with colleagues through messenger chat and stay engaged through search.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to connect with your deskless workers, it couldn’t be more simple than mobile. Mobile has become integral to our everyday lives, even so, that three in five of Millennials and Gen Z’s claim to be addicted to their mobile phone.

Messenger Chat 

picture of an online message thread between two people

Communication should be high on the list of priorities of your digital workplace capabilities. To enable your deskless workforce to stay connected, you need to give them access to a messenger chat or employee engagement app. Oak’s ‘Messenger’ feature gives users the ability to create multiple chats with a single person or a whole group. You can also share images and GIFs to express opinions faster and more efficiently. 

Designed to improve communication between workforces, Oak messenger is perfect for department communication and social interactivity.

The majority of deskless workers don’t have access to a work email address, so more than likely miss out on important messages sent via email communications. Therefore, an instant messenger application is a great alternative to get a message across that your workforce will not miss.

Main Timeline and Breaking News 

A huge problem for deskless workers is that they’re usually the last to hear about important internal company news or don’t end up hearing anything at all. Our mobile app is designed specifically for employee engagement, the main timeline is the place to go to hear important company information and updates.

The timeline allows users to connect and interact with colleagues through a range of content. Standard messages, images, videos, you name it, the possibilities are endless!

There’s also the ‘Breaking News’ feature for any internal news that you need your workforce to see. All breaking news will appear in a bright yellow banner across the screen of your employee engagement app, it’s impossible to miss.


If you have a mix of deskless and desk-based employees, it’s important you encourage interaction between the two. If you want to encourage employee engagement, it’s essential that you invest in an employee engagement app for employees, or make sure that your digital workplace’s capabilities are up to the task.

Although it may seem difficult to bring these two sets of workers together physically, doing it virtually is a great way to start.

We created hubs within our employee engagement app specifically to  improve inter-departmental communication and interaction. Whether you want your hub to be work-related or solely for socialising purposes, hubs bring like-minded people together and encourage interaction.

You may not consider it important for your desk-based and deskless staff to interact with each other, but the benefits to your team and your organisation can be far-reaching; it can help develop positive company morale, strengthen bonds between teams and create an overall happy working environment. By investing in a mobile app for employee engagement, you are actively investing in your businesses’ overall potential for success and growth.


A common misconception that happens a lot in many industries is that deskless means voiceless. Because they don’t have access to the same tools as desk-based staff they can be deemed a lower priority, but to experience complete company alignment and employee engagement, this mindset needs to be left behind.

Due to the lockdown restrictions easing, it’s meant that many businesses with deskless staff such as restaurants, retailers and pubs, have had to go back to their place of work. Mobile apps for employee engagement have never been a more apt solution to the communication and engagement crisis at hand. This is a time where uncertainty is at its highest and these workers need to be kept updated and informed of any important internal information.

Empower your employees with an employee engagement app to connect, engage and collaborate.

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