Why a Business Communication App Is Needed in the Workplace

Why a Business Communication App Is Needed in the Workplace

Do you have a business communication app implemented within your organisation? Right now, maintaining consistent communication with your workforce is essential. In today’s climate, the flow of information is constantly changing. If you don’t have a system in place to communicate with your workforce, maybe it’s time you changed too.

It’s easy to get sick and tired of hearing about the importance of communication, but the cost of poor communication can be incredibly damaging to your business. High employee turnover, loss of productivity, poor customer service are just a few at hand, all that can cost your business a serious amount of money. 

There’s plenty of business communication apps out there but first, you have to figure out why you need one and what objectives you want it to achieve. So, we thought we’d make it easier for you and outline the key reasons why having a business communication app is crucial to the success of any modern-day business.

Broadcast important news 

If we’ve learnt anything from the past year, it’s that nothing is ever certain, especially right now. Information is constantly changing and it’s important to keep up. One day your workforce could be working as usual from their office and the next it’s back to remote working. 

Because the ways in which we need to communicate are constantly changing, it’s essential to have a dedicated place where news and information can be stored; this is where a business communication app really shines. Despite the advancement of new technologies, we still see many businesses reaching for email to send out their important news and information. In fact, 95% of companies still use email as their main communication tool. The workplace has evolved over the years and at this very moment, we’re living in a world where the majority of the workplace is digital. Internal communication has evolved and so should your approach.

Email isn’t the right place to broadcast important news; there’s a lack of connectivity- don’t even mention the bad open rates. A company communication app can give you a dedicated space to broadcast important news and information. Here at Oak, we’ve always recognised the importance of keeping your workforce up to date with the latest news, which is why our news applet gives you a place to store important information that is easily accessible to your audience.

More than connectivity

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past year, you’ll know that more people are working from home than ever before. And if you’re one of those that has been remote working for nearly the past year, you’ll understand that it comes with its challenges, the loss of connection to the workplace being one of them. 

Feeling connected to your workplace is essential; it enhances productivity, strengthens employee relationships and makes employees feel more engaged with your organisation. The loss of physically being in the workplace can be incredibly damaging to your employees and your organisation. 

Having a business communication app does much more than just keeping employees up to date with information; it stands at the beating heart of your organisation. It’s a place to let your core company values shine through whatever they may be. 

We all know how isolating it can feel working from home and with the lack of human interaction and a central work hub, the connection between employees and organisations can get lost. Your company communication app can serve a great purpose to employees, especially during this difficult time. It gives them a place to interact with colleagues, to find information, to celebrate achievements and to feel part of your organisation.

Three employees sitting at their desks working and looking very happy in conversation.

Improved leadership 

A business communication app not only helps employees but it can help leaders develop and improve their management style too. 

A study by Interact Authentic Communication found that 69% of managers find it difficult to communicate with their teams, leading to a lack of trust from employees and a total breakdown in workforce communication. Implementing a company communication app within your organisation can see real benefits to the relationship between employees and managers. Communication isn’t limited to email or word of mouth, your business communication app gives you the freedom to keep your workforce informed at all times. 

Remember, we’re currently living in a world where information is in a constant state of flux - if a CEO of an organisation has a message to share with their employees, they want to hear it directly from the source. Sending information down from the top to the bottom is no longer good enough. A business communication app enables you to send messages instantly in various forms; news publication, video messages, instant messaging; the possibilities of keeping your workforce up to date are endless.

Social interaction 

If there’s one thing that’s been tough on workers over the past year, it’s been the total lack of social interaction. Healthy and supportive relationships in the workplace are proven to make employees happier and more productive. 

Having a company communication app in place can help fill the void of social interaction in the workplace. Obviously, we understand that it’s very difficult to replace human interaction but having a business communication app in place, especially at this challenging time is a great platform for promoting social interaction and strengthening employee relationships. 

Being confined to the home office can feel very isolating for many and the ability to bring your workforce together digitally is something that should never be dismissed. With a business communication app, there are a number of ways to encourage social interaction. After many years of helping businesses connect their employees, we’ve learnt that the importance of social interaction is not one to be ignored, which is why we developed many ways to socialise with colleagues digitally.


Simply put, a Hub is a group in which you can communicate, collaborate and share content with everyone who is a member of the hub. Chat with like-minded colleagues, share images, updates and documents, comment on posts from others and even take polls and set countdown timers. Hubs can be as formal or informal as you make them. They can be a place to share ideas, distribute information and delegate tasks, or even space entirely dedicated to the latest company news and social events!

Oak Engage image of different hubs


With Oak’s instant messenger your employees can leave the days of back forth emailing behind. Designed to improve social communication and workplace productivity, your workforce can send a message to a specific person or create a thread with a number of members. 

Having an instant messenger feature within your company communication app is essential. It’s fast replacing email and has been proven to improve departmental communication.

Keep up with the digital shift 

As we all know, the workplace has experienced a number of changes over the past year and it doesn’t look like this period of drastic transformation will be slowing down any time soon. Communication in the workplace has evolved. If you don’t keep up and invest in a business communication app, the consequences on your organisation could be severe.

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