New customers, new perspectives and some lovely comments!

2017 is proving to be a bumper year as more organisations, of all shapes and sizes, join the Oak community.

The diversity of our customer base struck me when I met the delegates at the Oak Academy last week. Organisations from the not for profit sector such as the ‘outstanding’ Team Fostering and the ‘resident-first’ housing association Hightown, to specialist recruitment company Carmichael UK, discussed the finer points of communications and collaboration, alongside speech and hearing systems specialist Contacta.

What was most interesting was to hear about the common reasons they were going to use Oak across their organisations.  These included:


  • To encourage all staff to communicate and share ideas
  • To communicate in a fun and interesting way
  • For staff to feel more engaged with the organisation
  • A single place to store and easily find company information
Arriving bright eyed and bushy-tailed, the delegates enjoyed the Academy sessions with trainer Graham, who received a couple of ‘fab’ mentions with smiley faces on the feedback forms!  The comments on Oak were just great. Here are a selection:


  • ‘Oak impressed me with its ease of use and also how it is being developed continually’
  • ‘Oak is powerful and versatile to use’
  • The team at Oak are ‘so easy to do business with. Their enthusiasm to help, coupled with a modern and easy way to use the system, made it a no brainer’
Thanks to all the delegates, really looking forward to working with you in the future.

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