Maintaining Great Company Culture

Good company culture is something that is essential to all businesses. Without it, your employees won’t have be able feel engaged or motivated to work.

Maintaining Great Company Culture

With the office closed and people now working from home, it may feel like a completely different dynamic within your company. There’re no more chats with your teammates while making a cup of tea and the weekly Friday after-work drinks are gone. But, there’s one thing that should always remain whether you’re in the office or working remotely, and that’s strong company culture.

Company culture is made up of many factors; the core values of a company, how well a team works together and collaborates, characteristics of the leadership team and a mountain of other things. The list is endless.

Good company culture always matters, but during this current climate, it’s arguable that it’s now more important than ever.

It’s understandable why many people may think it’s difficult to maintain strong company culture when you’re not physically with your teammates and the only interaction you have with them is the odd video call. To make it easier, we’re going to outline the factors of company culture that we think are the most important during this pandemic and how you can maintain them remotely.


As you’ve probably gathered, maintaining good levels of communication is crucial during this current climate.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is a time where uncertainty is at it’s highest, people will feel anxious about the future that lies ahead and your employees will need reassurance and their questions answering. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your employees are always up to date with the latest company information and announcements.

With the office closed and not being able to see your employees physically, it may feel like a struggle to communicate with them properly. Luckily, with the power of Oak, maintaining regular contact with your people has never been easier.

Our digital workplace has a range of features that allows you to communicate with your people instantly;

Main timeline:

Probably your first port of call if you need to announce anything to the whole of your company. The main timeline allows you to share content of all kinds, from simple messages to images and videos. Users can also interact with content through comments, emojis and likes.

Messenger chat:

Perfect if you need to send a message to a specific person or a certain group. Messages can be sent instantly, and users will receive a notification once the message has been sent.

Mandatory reads:

You can use this feature to get out urgent company updates to all staff. Once a user logs into the platform, the mandatory read will appear and ask them to accept and understand what they have read. If they decline, they won’t be allowed back until the platform until they accept. You can also keep track of who has read and who hasn’t.


As the old saying goes; teamwork makes the dreamwork. Having a team that works well together and socialises outside of work can make the world of difference to your company culture.

Although it may seem like a challenge trying to get your team to interact with each other when they’re all working remotely, it’s important to promote social activities and team bonding sessions.

With the after-work Friday drinks out the window for the foreseeable, why not set up team drinks over video call to wind down after a long week. Studies have found that socialising with co-workers leads to higher morale in the workplace and an overall healthier working environment.

Oak can also help you bring your team together through ‘Hubs’. You can set up a hub about anything. Whether you want a place to chat about the latest series you’ve been binge-watching or you want to create a book club, Hubs are a place to share ideas and collaborate with your teammates.


With all the changes happening to the workplace, your employees need a strong leadership team to guide them through. As discussed before, this is a time where uncertainty will most likely be at its highest, so being on hand to answer questions from your team and to give them any support they need will put their mind at ease.

Host regular 1-1 sessions with your team to check-in on them, this gives you a chance to catch up on work they are doing, allows your team to ask questions and lets them know that you are there for them when they need support.

It’s also vital that your employees have trust in their leadership team. Trustworthy leaders will drive success, put employees worries at ease and have their employees’ best interests at heart. To maintain trust within your leadership team, make sure updates and important information are communicated clearly to your employees. Keeping secrets and leaving them in the dark will leave your employees feeling a lack of trust and confidence in their leadership team.


During this pandemic, never forget that company culture is important. It’s important to your organisation, your customers and most importantly your employees. Good company culture means that your employees are more likely to enjoy their time in the workplace and be passionate about what they do.

The world has been turned upside-down recently, and it may seem tricky trying to maintain that strong sense of company culture you had back in the office. But remember, it is do-able however far apart you are from your team.

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