5 Reasons Your Business Needs a HR Software System

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a HR Software System

HR software systems are fast fulfilling some of the modern workplaces most important roles. From increasing employee engagement to facilitating employee wellbeing, HR software systems are truly reshaping the ways in which we work and how businesses envisage their relationships with employees. There are those however, who either doubt the importance of HR (let alone HR Software) or are blissfully unaware of it's many benefits to a company. When thinking about a HR professional, a people person with a very hectic schedule always springs to mind. And yes, whilst this may be true to an extent, HR is far more integral to an organisation than many thinks. They deal with your businesses most valuable asset, the employees. They’re responsible for maintaining employee engagement, measuring employee satisfaction and creating a happy and safe workplace. Not to mention the other duties such as recruitment, onboarding and administration work.

So, with HR being such a critical department to any organisation, surely an effective HR software system for members of the HR department to convey important information and communicate with other employees is essential.

There are lots of ways for-HR personnel to communicate with the rest of the organisation such as email, instant messenger services and also print-based communications, but to truly communicate with employees efficiently, an employee engagement app is the way forward.

Here are 5 reasons why a HR Software System is essential to a HR department.

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Distribute Important Information in an Instant

An employee in the HR department will most likely be responsible for sending important internal communications to staff. If you’re part of a larger organisation with a range of different employees, you’ll likely rely on different forms of communication to get important information out. For example, if you need to contact your deskless workers, you may rely on print-based communications whereas you can reach your desk-based staff via email. This could mean that the information might get to these two workers at completely different times. This can lead to out of date information reaching your employees and lead to further problems down the line.

With an HR software system, you can send out information instantly. Whether it’s information that only one department needs or it’s something urgent needed to be seen by everyone in the company, Oak enables you to reach your audience quickly.

Our unique features such as ‘timeline’ enables you to stay in contact with your workforce at all times. You can use the main timeline to share all kinds of content such as news, articles, images and videos.

Monitor Employee Development and Engagement

Your employees are paramount to the success of your business. Without them your business is nothing. So, it goes without saying, you’ll need someone in place to look after your employees and to keep on top of their needs.

The clue is in the name, but if you’re looking for a way to manage your employee’s best interests and keep them up to date with the latest news, an HR software system is the definitive solution. Employee engagement is a broad term. It’s based on trust, commitment and communication between a company and its employees. Without good levels of employee engagement, it’s more than likely your employees will be unhappy and will be on the hunt for somewhere better to work. To put it simply, your people are your biggest asset so it’s crucial you have an effective system (like an engagement app) in place to keep on top of employee engagement.

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Pulse Surveys

Want to find out what your employees think of your company? Simple, send out a pulse survey. Usually, these surveys are used to gauge how an employee is feeling at work and to get their thoughts and opinions on their organisation.

By sending out a pulse survey via our HR software system you can identify any problems your employees may be dealing with and also work on areas that need to be improved within your organisation to increase positive workplace culture. They give you real, actionable, human data so that you can identify areas of success or concern, whether your people are happy or not and suggestions on what can be improved.

Luckily, setting up a pulse survey couldn’t be easier to do in Oak. Our intuitive app allows you to change the look and feel of your survey to suit your organisation’s identity. This way your surveys look more familiar and become instantly engaging to your audience.


If you’re constantly sending out internal communications through never-ending email threads and waiting on information to be distributed personally, a hub is a great place to store information securely.

This also gives your audience easy access to this information, so they no longer need to send numerous emails or chase down the HR department to get access to something as simple as a health and safety document.

Likewise, if you have information you need to send to a particular group or department, you can create a hub for this group and store information safely.

Onboarding and Training

We all understand the stress of starting a new job. The never-ending forms and important documents, getting used to a completely different working environment and the daunting feeling of meeting and fitting in with a new team.

For those working in HR, onboarding new employees will no doubt be a familiar part of your role.

When onboarding there’s a list of things you’ll need to cover; putting together a welcome pack, company introduction, training material and mentoring.

It might seem fairly trivial, but there is a lot of work and preparation that goes into the onboarding process. So, why not make your job easier by incorporating a HR software system into the onboarding process?

Introduce your new employees to your HR software system before their first day and make important documents and information available on here so they can access in an instant.

Your HR system is also a great way to kick start the introductions and for your new starters to get to know the rest of the team.

Remember, a bad onboarding experience could lead to new employees being twice as likely to look for another job, so it’s important you get it right.

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HR is a crucial department for any organisation. They work closely with your employees to maintain good relationships, they plan and coordinate administration documents for your organisation, they onboard and train your new employees; the list is never-ending.   

So, if you’re sat wondering how you can make you can make the lives of your HR employees easier, invest in the future of your company and the wellbeing of your people: invest in a HR sofware systemt.

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