5 Intranet Advantages For Modern Businesses

5 Intranet Advantages For Modern Businesses

Intranet advantages are far-reaching for the modern-day business. Do we need an intranet? This is a question to which there really is only one answer. An intranet is an essential tool for any modern business. It brings a whole host of advantages to the everyday inner workings of an office, freeing up valuable hours for more productive work on what’s really important. Intranets also contribute to a healthier, more connected workspace, raising morale and promoting interaction. To celebrate the humble intranet, we’ve come up with a handy list of some of the key intranet advantages that these tools provide  modern businesses:

1. Better Connectivity

Connectivity is a key proponent to almost any modern business. With steady globalisation reaching all corners of the world, our businesses are becoming more connected than ever before. Intranet advantages encompass all aspects of a workplace. Intranet support is one of the best ways to ensure that those at the frontline of your company are as connected as they can be, with messaging tools, company newsletters and project organisation features. They help the upper levels of management stay engaged with everyone, enabling faster and more transparent communication of company-wide announcements. They allow for the sharing of knowledge and experience from individuals, and facilitate all this communication in one easy-to reach place.

2. Shared Knowledge

Businesses of all sizes are built on knowledge and experience. Every department requires specific knowledge that enables them to carry out their work efficiently and with a minimum of errors. Having an intranet centralises that knowledge, storing it all on one network and making it easier for different departments to learn more about and understand the work their colleagues carry out in other departments. Intranet advantages extend into more than the physical application of tasks. They also provides a way to share that information with external clients and other business associates, facilitating better relationships and more cohesive working practices.

3. Improved Employee Engagement

Better employee engagement is always a good thing. Better employee engagement can result in fewer sick days taken, better customer satisfaction, and increased sales and profits. A strong intranet makes excellent employee engagement a possibility, by acting as place for employees to share their successes and organise events outside of the working environment. All of this combines to make an intranet the perfect boost to your office moral, leaving everyone feeling just that little bit more connected.

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4. Reduces Paper Usage

3 of 3 In today’s eco-conscious world, promoting sustainable practices and reducing waste is at the forefront of business operations across the globe. Reducing a company’s use of paper in intra-office communication has become a target for most industries and intranets offer a handy opportunity for do just that. Digital copies of memos, forms and schedules can all be hosted, edited and published on the intranet, readily accessed by a computer, laptop or mobile in lieu of being printed out. Not only does this improve your business’ carbon footprint, but it also saves you money on paper and ink expenditure.

5. Better Connectivity Across Distance

From a purely logistical point of view, intranets are excellent for keeping long-distance colleagues in the loop. With remote workers able to access the intranet from afar, this makes collaboration in one central hub much easier for them and other multi-location teams that work on the same projects. The intranet links different offices across different time zones, and perhaps more importantly, makes those employees not based in offices feel just as much part of the business as those in the main headquarters. If this list has explained the many intranet advantages offered to the morden digital workplace and has persuaded you to set up an intranet in your workspace, be sure to visit us at oak.com and receive a free demo today.

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