Implementing An Effective Digital Workplace Strategy

digital workplace strategy

How To Implement An Effective Digital Workplace Strategy

Adding value to your digital workplace comes in the form of introducing areas of content which perform an essential function which your users can’t do without, whether they know it or not. These features are designed to help your employees complete their everyday responsibilities, find key information about your company, and can greatly improve the well being of your workforce. Here are just some of the things that you can include in your digital workplace strategy to make it a key resource your users will appreciate and utilise daily.

Official Policy Documents and Forms

Having a single location to track down your official documents on internal and external policies allows anyone who works within your business to easily find the most up-to-date version of your information, removing the risk of people giving out out-of-date information to other employees, clients and customers. While not the most exciting thing to include in a digital workplace strategy, it is a vital tool which provides your users with the assistance they need.

Internal Values and Goals

Making sure that everyone within your business is aligned in their goals is a big step in taking your business forward. Having a central place where your employees can quickly reference and be reminded of your main business goals and values will help to keep your employees on the same page and uphold your brand values across everything they do. Digital assets for your brand. When putting out press releases, creating graphics for social or any other potentially branded content, you need to be sure that employees are using the right files and resources to create these. This keeps the quality of all output consistent and ensures logos or graphics which are used are pulled from the most recent iteration, and any content is written with the right tone of voice. Putting templates for internal presentations and documents can also be a good use of your digital workplace support.

Product Information

If you have frontline staff or sales teams who rely on keeping all product and service information handy, then creating a bank of all the necessary information they’ll need will help support their success in their roles. This way, they can give new customers or clients the best service possible and answer their queries with ease – but this will require managing and regular reviews to make sure any old documents are removed after being superseded by their newer iterations.

Workplace Information

Certain aspects of your workplace itself can be documented and stored on your intranet to create a handy place to refresh your knowledge or help new employees orientate themselves to your building. Things such as fire assembly point or fire plan information, floor plans, phone lists, canteen menus and internet access information can all be especially useful to host on your intranet, especially if you have multiple sites which employees move between or visit regularly.

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Key Process Information

If your company has a number of processes or tasks they have to complete as part of their role, such as taking customers through a number of steps or completing logbooks around incidents, then documenting these and storing them on your digital workplace can give your employees a reliable resource to fall back on. These can be simple or complex processes, but by having them stored on your digital workplace you’ll have useful training resources available whenever they’re needed and a place where employees can double-check their knowledge on a rarely used process, potentially minimising costly mistakes.

HR Hub

Ensuring your employees have easy, direct access to key human resources information plays an essential part in keeping your workforce happy and content. Every digital workplace strategy should strive to place an emphasis on their employee’s wellbeing and work satisfaction. Having ways of reporting concerns, checking pay and benefits, booking holiday and checking on internal training will save your HR team time as elements can be automated and managed by line managers, whilst also reducing the number of questions which can be easily answered by having the relevant information clearly available on your digital workplace.

These are just some of the key areas of content you can include with digital workplace support, with the thing which unifies them all being that they support and enhance the capabilities of your employees. Establishing your digital workplace as a trusted resource that people can rely on when they need help will show your employees the value of having a proper digital workplace. Need some help setting up yours? Get in touch to book your demo to see how we can help you to create your ideal company digital workplace strategy.

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