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Keeping your teams engaged during a period of change

The workplace has – whether we like it or not – gone digital. Many people interpret change in different ways. Some people love the idea of a fresh start and getting stuck into something new, whereas even the thought of change can leave others breaking out in a cold sweat.

If you thrive on embracing change or are more a creature of habit, change is inevitable and something that in most cases, can’t be avoided, especially in the workplace. An article published by Forbes claims that changes in the workplace are ‘accelerating’ due to factors such as job types and responsibilities, working conditions and cultural changes. It’s no wonder successful businesses across the globe are using a digital workplace to keep up with the evolution in the world of business.

No matter how your teams react to change, it is something that can affect all members in different ways, which is why it’s important to ensure your employees are engaged and happy whilst going through a period of change.

If you’ve been to this blog before, you’ll know we’re all about stressing the importance of employee engagement and utilising your digital workplace to its full potential. Which is why it will become your best friend when there are changes in progress.

At Oak, we want teams to make the most out of their digital workplace to make the workplace as enjoyable as possible. The digital workplace is a great place to go to during a period of change, it should be the first point of contact for employees to go when they need to find out news and updates and to contact other employees.

The first port of call

During a period of change, your digital workplace should be the first point of contact. Here, employees should be able to access information regarding the change, interact with others to discuss changes and post any important information they may know.

If you haven’t delved deep into your digital workplace, a time of change if the perfect time to do it. Create a hub relating to the change is a great way to bring your team together and get people talking. From formal project management to informal social groups, hubs are designed to be a work-based collaboration tool that gives you a place to share ideas, distribute information and delegate tasks.

Banish negativity from your digital workplace

It can be very easy to sit back and dwell on all the changes that are happening within your organisation but as the saying goes, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. Try and think of the positive aspects of the situation. Negativity is something that should remain far away from the workplace, it rubs off on others and bring team morale down.

Your digital workplace is the go-to spot to promote positive vibes throughout your teams. Whether it be creating an event for after-work drinks or having a hub for a team fitness club. These are all small steps you can take to keep the high spirits up and distract your teams from the changes in the background.

Prioritise your people

It goes without saying that your people are the most important asset to your business. It’s essential that your employees don’t get pushed to the back when going through change. It’s been proven that the better the employee engagement levels, the better the productivity levels. In fact, engaged employees are likely to be 22% more productive at work.

You wouldn’t want to leave your teams in the dark and feeling neglected it could lead to unproductive employees and even loss of valuable team members. If someone in your team has a query or needs to talk, set time aside and invest in your team. Trust us, it will help you in the long run.

Whether you’re going through an office move or a change in leadership structures, there are various reasons for change happening in the workplace. No matter how big or how small, manage the changes, utilise your digital workplace and keep your teams happy.

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