What Are Hubs?

What are Hubs?

Simply put, a Hub is a group in which you can communicate, collaborate and share content with everyone who is a member of the hub.

Chat with like-minded colleagues, share images, updates and documents, comment on posts from others and even take polls and set countdown timers.

Hubs can be as formal or informal as you make them. They can be a place to share ideas, distribute information and delegate tasks, or a space entirely focused on the latest company news and social events!

What can I achieve with Hubs?

The subject and content of a Hub can be anything you like, from work related topics like health and well-being, company updates or specific projects or events, to more social aspects like staff outings, sports and games or buy and sell.

Need to share content company-wide, instantly? Your entire workforce can be automatically included in an Area Hub, meaning everyone will see the updates you push out. Everyone gets the same information at the same time, ensuring absolute consistency and that no-one is left out.

What about info that’s only relevant to certain people?

Want your store managers to have a place where they can see and share information and advice that’s only relevant to them, or need a place to collaborate and collect info on a specific project?

You can easily restrict access and visibility of a Hub to certain people, or people with the relevant job roles. Having a dedicated area also makes it easier to identify the location of files and keep track of important conversations that may otherwise get lost in an email trail.

Put your content in the hands of your people

Another great aspect of Hubs is that anyone can create one, so you can encourage communication and interaction, without one person being reliant on creating and moderating every Hub.

From weekly book club discussions to communities dedicated to dissecting the ins and outs of last night’s football match, Hubs cater to any given interest, providing a platform for employees to share their voice and engage with topics that they are passionate about. Your people get control of what they want to collaborate on and who they communicate with.

Create your own personalised news feed

By combining Hubs with your Oak timeline, each of your people can have their own personalised news feed. They’ll see only the news and updates from Hubs they’re a part of, meaning they’re only getting relevant, useful content.

  Your newsfeed, personalised with the news from all Hubs you’re part of

How do I know Hubs has done its job?

Oak has fully integrated and bespoke analytics system that produces reports and insights from your Hubs. These insights can then be used as a means to inform your internal communications strategy and identify areas that may need improvement or reassessment.