Surviving Blue Monday

A survival guide to the most depressing day of the year

Did you wake up this morning with a severe feeling of Monday dread and lack of motivation? Well, it’s no surprise as today is Blue Monday. Yes, the most depressing day of the year is today. The Christmas period is now a distant memory and the realisation sets in that there are 49 more Mondays of 2020 (gulp).

The day originates back to 2004 when psychologist Cliff Arnall was asked to come up with a formula by Sky Travel for the best time to book a summer holiday. However, Arnall found that all factors pointed to the third Monday in January as being very depressing.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand why today is the most depressing day of the year. The month of January feels like a lifetime and there isn’t a lot to look forward to. So, if you arrived to work this morning feeling particularly blue, here are some handy tips to help you survive this dreaded day.

1. Keep Talking

With it being a Monday (and the most depressing day of the year), it can be easy to hide away and avoid communicating. But, to avoid those blues hitting hard it’s good to keep talking and interacting with other employees. Share a tale from the weekend, talk about what you’re having for dinner tonight or mention something you good you watched recently. As the well known phrase goes, communication is key.

Group of workers having a meeting in the office
2. Get some fresh air

Don’t be tempted to sit at your desk all day. If you’re feeling a lack of creativity today a bit of fresh air can do wonders for the brain. Research shows that walking can increase a person’s creative output by an average of 60%. So, show your brain a bit of love and take a lunch-time stroll.

Picture of a persons feel walking taking a stroll
3. Start setting yourself goals

If you didn’t do this at the start of the year, now is a good opportunity to set out what you want to achieve this year. Making a detailed plan of your goals for the year can be a great drive for motivation. And when you’re motivated, good things happen right?

4. Don’t forget to smile

Maybe the last bit of advice you want to read on a bleak Monday afternoon but a simple smile can go a long way. Smiling has been proven to reduce stress levels and is also contagious. If you’re smiling it’s more than likely your team will smile. Smiles all round.

Bunch of pink and orange balloons with smiley faces on them
5. It’s just another Monday

You’ve powered through every other Monday, so what’s different about this one? Hopefully this quick guide will have you beating the Blue Monday feels in no time.

And if anything makes you feel better, you’re 3 minutes closer to this Monday being over after reading this blog.

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