Intranet McIntranetyFace? What to name your intranet

what to name your intranet

It’s difficult picking a name for a new member of the family. Does Missus Featherbottom suit your new baby girl? How about Bubba Bob for your Budgie?  

Deciding on a name for an intranet is just as daunting. You want a name that is memorable and interesting as it impacts the way employees engage on the network and with each other. A name should resonate with the people of your company and reflect the work culture. During the building of your intranet, it develops an identity and it’s own persona, which attracts people to contribute their own content. And, having an appropriate name helps create a greater connection through anthropomorphism.

Don Norman said in his book, Emotional Design: Why We Love or Hate Everyday Things:

“When we interact with computer interfaces we project human emotions and beliefs into the inanimate computer. When the interaction is smooth and enjoyable we attribute the pleasure to the machine in the same way we blame the machine when things don’t work out as we wish.”

Giving an inanimate object human-like qualities (such as an intranet), helps people form a bond and a sense of connection that leads to greater interaction, with their newest and most helpful colleague.

Of course, just changing the name without much else is like polishing a turd. Might be considered art, but if the content doesn’t change, the new name is only a coverup.  So, first things first, get that content shining.

Intranet software is used to link employees, encourage easy collaboration, and allows teams from all over to connect and become more efficient. An intranet is a great investment, especially as the alternative is email, where communication can become lost. According to the collaborative email company, Contatta, business emails cost $1.79 trillion (that’s £1.4 trillion for the UK folks). Check out the link to see the impressive infographic they made to showcase this point. 

By giving an identity and a name to your intranet, it becomes a member of your company. Like how Janet from the Netflix TV show The Good Place is a personal assistant to the residents of The Good Place, your intranet will also be the team behind your team your employees can turn to for the information they need. 

You’re at the stage where naming your intranet has come up. You want to give a name that reflects the culture of your company, so people will want to use it. Questions to ask yourself include: 


The Basics 

  • What does your company do? 
  • What is your company’s manifesto? 
  • What is your company’s branding and voice? 


The People 

  • How do you want people to use it? 
  • What do they hope to find in using the intranet? 
  • Why do your employees work for your company? 
  • What do they like?  


The Culture 

  • Is your company casual or corporate?  
  • A flat structure or is it hierarchal? 
  • What are the age demographics of your company? 


Considering these questions, and others like them, will help develop a clear idea of how your company is organised. An accounting firm and a tech startup will have different voices, branding, and needs. The name should reflect that. 

Finding a name that is catchy, short, memorable and even social media friendly for an internal launch campaign can make or break how quickly your intranet catches on. Some companies will pick a couple of names and hold a vote, or even establish a competition and have people submit then vote for the best name. Just make sure the boat situation doesn’t happen. But even then, what’s wrong with Intranety McIntranetface? Nothing, I tell ya. Absolutely nothing. 

Still having difficulties choosing? Here’s a small list of names we suggest trying out to see what works. And, if you’re still not inspired, here’s a Intranet Names Inspirations to download.



This is usually where a lot of intranet managers start to keep things easy and memorable. The name may evolve or stay the same, but going the simple route helps prevent future headaches and is generic enough to not cause issues. Examples include: 

  • [Company]Net 
  • “My” or “Our”[Company] 
  • Adding a suffix to a company buzzword, so –er, –sy, –it. Use Text Mechanic to try it out. 
  • Or even the name of the provider, like Oak  



Neutral names are those that don’t require much struggle and can be a quick and easy solution to the name game. Such as: 

  • Hub 
  • The Watercooler 
  • HQ 
  • The Intranet 
  • The Portal 


Pop Culture Reference 

Names like this are references to pop culture or other relevant and recognisable terms that embody your intranet.  

  • Janet – the helpful personal assistant
  • Dwight – the office know-it-all 
  • HAL – the sentient computer that interacts with humans
  • Data – the human-like persona part of your crew
  • The Matrix – A simulated office space 


Need more help in finding a name for an intranet? Play around with these handy tools: 


Once you have your name figured out, it’s time to let everyone know and that’s when your intranet launch comes in. Reinforce the name in all documents, social media announcements, emails, and in conversation so people become familiar with the identity of your intranet.  

Naming your intranet is a great opportunity towards creating a positive work culture and in turn, become a company people are excited to work for. To find out more about employee engagement and how to build an awesome intranet, read up on our blog. 

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