Attention, please! The top 3 intranet software features to help you cut through the noise

Quick read: Is your intranet falling foul of the festive noise?

It’s cold outside, there’s tinsel in the shops and December 1st is looming. That means, no avoiding it, the countdown to Christmas is well and truly on!

With the festivities fast approaching it’s arguably the busiest time of year right now for not just your business, but your staff too. Amongst the likes of planning for 2019, pulling together your end of year accounts and deciding on your Christmas party outfit — whatever the task might be, your internal communications are at risk of getting lost beneath the noise of the surrounding season.

To ensure you have a successful end to the year, it’s important to keep as much focus on engaging your staff during the Christmas season as it is any other month — albeit with a mince pie or mulled wine in hand.

Creating engaging intranet content

December’s the time to get extra creative with your intranet content, using the tips and tricks we’ve given you throughout the year. Extra special content goes beyond just words. Videos, imagery, GIFs… they’re all part of a vast mixture of content formats you should be using regularly, in order to engage your workforce in different ways with differing messages.

There’s no right or wrong content mix when it comes to creating a successful intranet. The type of content you serve up to your users is unique to your business and should always be relative to your objectives.

Christmas is the time to make your content work even harder for you, instilling festive-flair into your Content Captains and thinking outside of the box to come up with some extra-creative treats for your staff. A daily advent calendar, a charity hub to showcase your Christmas fundraising efforts or a competition for the best-decorated desk; they’re all ideas for how you can use your intranet content to keep your staff engaged during this time.

But beyond these tactics, what can give your content an extra push?

To help you stay in tune with your staff, and to keep them motivated right up until the big man in red arrives, there are a number of tools available to help you out. Each designed to work with the content you create to alert and engage your staff, beyond the average article or post, they could mean the difference between your users taking notice or not. Take a look at our top 3:

1. Countdown timers

Fitting for all events, from Christmas parties to product launches and big deadlines, incorporating a countdown timer into your homepage or hub area allows you to create a sense of urgency amongst your team in a fun, creative way.

No one wants to just miss out on something important. Knowing exactly how much time is left until an event or deadline, will help to spur your folks on into making the finish line it.

Use yours to alert your staff to important events within December, to maintain awareness around a specific deadline or to help generate a buzz in the office around a key date.

2. Custom notices

To help you get those necessary tasks ticked off your list before you hit the pub on Christmas Eve, create notices for items like the end of year survey you need completing or that new policy everyone must sign.  Making your notices digital means eliminating unnecessary paperwork and saves you from chasing your colleagues around the office asking them to sign their lives away.

Set the importance depending on the task in hand. You can even set your notice to be mandatory (use it wisely my HR friends!), to stop your users from moving any further within the intranet before they’ve completed the task. Thus helping make your to-do list a little lighter – voila!

Oak Intranet Mandatory Notices
3. Push notifications

Now I’m not saying your entire workforce will be slacking off throughout December, but for those early Monday mornings or late Friday afternoons where you need to add some extra oomph, push notifications play their part.

Use push notifications within your intranet when you need to communicate important news and reminders instantly, on the go and to your entire workforce all at once.  Here’s our example:

An example of Oak Intranet's Push Notifications feature, to push important messages out to your team on the go

When used wisely, they’ll help you tap into your staff in a growing mobile-first era, delivering a timely message on a device relevant to their usage.

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