Intranet Now London 2018


We’re extremely excited to announce that Oak is a Platinum Sponsor at this year’s Intranet Now Conference!

After spending the last 20 years or so quietly working away, developing intranet software and delivering intranet solutions for the likes of Virgin, Nissan, GoCompare, Comic Relief, Pizza Express, Aldi, the NHS and countless others, we decided it was time to step out of the intranet wilderness and share the knowledge we’ve gained from working with these amazing customers. We never stopped to think we should tell the world we exist – it’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun.

Having attended Intranet Now as delegates last year, we were bowled over at the incredible sense of community that the organisers engendered, ensuring it was a great event that focused on sharing knowledge and experience. It was very much about engaging and connecting with fellow digital comms pros. Funnily enough, these sorts of things drove us to pioneer the concept of intranets, way back in the 90’s. 🙂

The theme of this year’s conference is the employee experience, and we’re looking forward to sharing what we’ve learned about this expansive topic through working with so many forward-thinking brands over the years. We have some great lessons and advice to share that we know will be useful to any organisation interested in getting maximum engagement through their intranets.

Intranet Now takes place on 5th October 2018 in America Square, London, tickets are on sale, and you should talk to your team about participating (there’s time for lots of conversation, it’s not an event where you just get lectured at).

As we’ve come to realise the importance of ‘getting out there’ and getting involved (it’s so tempting to just live online), we hope you’ll come out and join us, and help make the growing UK intranet community even stronger.

Hope to see you there!


EDIT: Thank you to everyone who attended! It was great meeting you all. Check out the photos from Intranet Now 2018 below and look out for us next year. 

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