20 years and £2.7 million later…

Oak gets major investment

We’ve been pretty quiet, and whilst we’re not ones to boast, we can’t keep quiet anymore.

Two years ago, we launched Oak – an intuitive, modern, beautifully designed intranet software solution so companies could make their employees and success their priority, as we make their triumph and glory ours.

Oak Intranet was created by the North East’s most talented and passionate Intranet Software developers and designers, which is why it caught the eye of the innovative (and very smart) people at Maven Capital, Northstar Ventures and Finance Durham. So much so, they decided to make an investment of £2.7 million into Oak to help us along this amazing journey to revolutionise how people work, collaborate and connect around the world.

Not only does the funding validate our belief in our intranet software and that it’s ready for the big-time, it also allows us to further develop Oak’s awesomeness and help spread the news that Oak Intranet has finally arrived and is ready to make you the hero your company deserves.

Nobody likes a braggart though, so here’s what our friends at Maven have to say about us:

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