For successful intranets, content is king


But only if it’s easy to create & manage

When visiting with two of our customers, United Trust Bank and Comic Relief last week, it struck us that a key reason behind the success of their intranets was not just about the amount of content available but more around the relevance & timeliness of the content as it pertained to the user’s role and requirements.

The results were plain to see. Vibrant intranets operating in “real time” to support users in their busy environment.

The foundations for such a modern digital workplace is to generate high quality and impactful content quickly and easily.  The following 5 factors seem to be at the top of the list for the efficient origination and publishing of content.


Speed to create and publish content
Content creators need to get going in just a couple of clicks and guided by the user interface, take the minimum of time to produce relevant material.


Use the same process to generate different types of content
Whether it’s news, blogs, documents or even questions to be answered if the same process can be followed then richer content will be published.


Designing the content for maximum impact and clarity
Great looking content will always be consumed. Publishers using well-designed templates, text, images and videos will always get higher interaction with their content.


Getting content to the relevant audience
As you publish content, it is imperative to have a succinct and easy to follow a process for selecting those who can consume it. Fast inclusion of individuals, teams or departments in terms of both access to content and notifying them about new material, is a must.


Keeping everything up to date
As content is published, setting review dates or expiry dates should be a logical part of the process to avoid the intranet becoming bloated with old or irrelevant content

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