How Serverless Intranets will transform the Digital Workplace for Employees


Poor communication is often at the top of the gripes whenever an organisation seeks feedback from employees.

Providing a digital platform, such as an Intranet, has long been one of the tools available to larger organisations to address this. However, configuring and managing the intranet, as well as delivering a digital environment that is exciting, compelling and a place to visit every day can be quite a challenge.

Enter ‘The Cloud’
Now any size of organisation can set up an Intranet in a matter of days, configure it, add content and get employees communicating and collaborating without expensive IT infrastructure or consultancy. However, being in the cloud brings further expectations that organisations crave.

The world of business is accelerating. Markets, customers and employees are operating in an ever-changing, fluid world and they need their digital workplaces to change with them. Workers expect systems to respond at lightning speed and to deliver increased productivity.

Enter ‘Serverless Computing’
Orchid Software are the brains behind Oak. Oak is the new kid on the block when it comes to cloud based intranet software and they are embracing serverless computing driven by one simple fact, “It’s better for our customers.”

David Pinches, Director at Oak explains, “Clients such as Halfords, Miller Homes and Paperchase expect their solution to reflect changes in the business environment. They expect us to release significant updates on a monthly basis and Serverless Computing will help us to do that. It enables our development team to structure the code base in a more efficient reusable way and as a result, new modules or enhancements to existing features can be rolled out on an almost continuous basis.

Moreover, Serverless Computing holds out the promise of lightning-fast responses. Tasks carried out on an intranet that demand heavy computer processing and delays for a user could be reduced by orders of magnitude.

“Video content is now a vital communication medium used on intranets such as Oak” explains Pinches, “and uploading this and other rich media content can cause short but frustrating delays. Serverless Computing should all but eradicate this issue and allow scaling up of large amounts of high storage content.”

On a journey to Cloud 2.0 with Serverless Computing
The biggest challenge for the team at Oak is the maturity of the technology.

“Serverless Computing holds great promise” explains Mark Rooks, Director of Oak Development. “Oak is built on Microsoft’s Azure platform and we are already evolving into a Serverless Computing environment. However, developer tools to build, test, analyse and manage performance are still immature.

We are on a journey with an exciting destination. Everyone used to own expensive physical servers, with over provisioning being the norm. We then started renting cost effective logical servers, paying only for what we needed (Cloud 1.0). Now the servers are going away totally, leaving just what we always really wanted, pure resource, reducing costs and increasing scale even more. Perhaps we should call the destination Cloud 2.0? Serverless Computing has the real potential of a win-win scenario.  A development architecture that excites the techies and delivers business benefits for their customers to enjoy.

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